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Newbie from the Central Coast NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jesterphile, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, just about to get my bike Ls and my first bike! Already have some of the gear as a Christmas present to myself and so I can get going straight away after I get my Ls next week.

    Got a dro rider air ride 2 jacket, Kevlar jeans, gloves and a snug kabuto helmet... I just ordered some forma boots.

    I've already read a heap on the forums and I'm pretty keen to get on a bike and get to actually learning. Are there any groups on the coast? I'd love to come down for a learners session in Homebush but just getting there is a big ride for a newbie; specially in the freeway!
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  2. Welcome and forget the freeway - the Old Road is your friend.
  3. Once I get my confidence up I might have a trek down if I can find someone to ride with :)

    Current predicament is choosing a bike!
  4. PM me when you're ready - I've got some free time in the next few weeks and ride the Old Road most weeks.
    I've mentored a few new riders on that road in the past.
  5. Just remembered, I think TWEETTWEET has also offered regularly to help mentor local riders if they need it.
  6. I'll take you for a putty ride one day next week if you want. Should be close enough for you without the traffic etc.
    We can go from Peats ridge over to wollombi, broke, 10mile on the putty and back the same way. It's an easy ride.
  7. Sounds good, I'll have to pick up a bike first but I'll hit you up as soon as I do and hopefully arrange something
  8. Welcome and what bikes are you looking at? A lot of threads lately re bike choice for new riders so have a look at all the info on here, many find some useful stuff!
  9. There are a lot of bikes to choose from! I had a look at some and sat on some locally at dealers:

    • RC390 - I think the riding position is a little aggressive for me comfort wise
    • Suzuki Inazuma (although it's incredibly ugly)
    • Suzuki S40
    • Honda VT400 (although big)
    Didn't like:
    • VStrom - felt a bit big, could only get the ball of one foot on the ground which I'm sure would be fine but I'm not confident enough at this point to feel happy about it
    Will have to take some for a quick ride once I get my Ls but I'm open to ideas and suggestions. I'm going to go look at Yamahas tomorrow and Hondas on the weekend.
  10. Ah well on your way then. See as many as possible. Short list, test rides. Apply common sense filter, ignore results if you want, buy what stirs your soul!

    Not quite sure what sort of bike you're after though, that list has sports, naked, cruiser, etc. are you still deciding?
  11. ^^Good advice.
  12. I don't know what type of bike honestly, at the moment I'm leaning towards the KTM but I wish its seating position was more relaxed.
  13. welcome aboard :]
  14. Welcome jester, some good advice but without knowing your budget any what type of bike and riding style you prefer it will be harder to help you in your decision making.
  15. love riding around this area, I hire a bike sometimes, fav part is stopping at the historic st albans pub for lunch.
  16. hey jester, my pick would be a Honda cb400,great bike
  17. Choice choices. ..

    KTM 390
    Kwaka 300
    CBR 250r or 500r
    Cb 400
    VTR 250
  18. Ok, why not look at Bikesales and filter to "Sports touring" only. This will give you sporty looking bikes with fairing but they have a more relaxed riding position than "super sport". See if anything there floats your boat and test ride those.
  19. Sounds like a good idea, thanks for the advice.

    I'll have to go and read the threads about things to look for on used bikes :p
  20. Welcome to the forum. I think the Duke 390 is the pick of the bunch - but then again I might be biased a tad!