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Newbie from Sydney.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sleddog, Oct 28, 2005.

  1. I have been a member for a while and i have been lurking and stealing info from your {search section} ,and other forums ,for about 4 months and would like to thank you guys for all the info i got and still getting . :D
    ATTENTION OTHER NEWBIES ,the search button is your friend.

    I thought i better say hi and introduce my self .

    Im Sleddog on the net , Sled or brett in the flesh ,34 and male ,and just got a new GS500F Suzuki ,45km on the clock and on my L's ,trying to learn to ride and getting info ,and asking questions on stuff i got no idea about ." thats ALOT" Well every thing realy .hehehehe,

    Anyways ,i would like to meet up for rides ect ,after i have run my new bike in{"seem like it will take for ever"} ,and learn how to ride safe and then get out and about in the world on my bike with fellow riders .
    Im not new to the world of forums and have arranged ,big meet and greets ,for my other hobbys with up to 50 people meeting up for rides and weekends away ect.
    And im normaly the one teaching and helping the newbies out ,which i love to do .
    And have meet some great people /some interesting ones too ,LOL.

    Well thats a little about me ,i thought i would post so if i stick my head in on a post some where like i have, to "try" and help someone ,well you might know me alittle.

    Cheers all ,Sled. :D

    oH! and im near parra and grew up in the city where i spend alot of time .

    P.S ,i can't spell for carp ,hope there not to many spelling police on this forum. :shock:

  2. G'day Sleddog. Welcome to this forum. I'm a Sydney-sider as well so if you ever feel like going for a ride, give us a yell. Still on my Ps so no pro here! But you know... enjoying riding like everyone else here. ;)
  3. Hello there Sled and welcome, I'm on P's and from Sydney too. we need to organise an easy ride sometime, L's and P's
  4. hI Sleddog , welcome .
  5. Hey sled, welcome to the public part of the forum, you already know a lot about it, and us, so let's get you out riding soon!
  6. Just curious... what are these other hobbies that include rides and weekends away? I'm guessing 'riding' of the pushie variety?
  7. I ride and have raced jetskis .
    The jetski comunity is very much like the motorcycle comunity online ,we get together and help each other with mods and what skis to get ect .

    I know ,i know ,what some of you guys may think about jetskis, but the group and community ,i ride and race with are ,NOT the yobo's ,that ride around and around the boat ramps and piss fisherpersons off, this is where i teach and practice the safe and fun sport of jetskiing with newbies ,take them under my wing ,teach them how to ride in a group and what to do and NOT to do .We get out on the water with groups of 5-10+ skis and do long rides ,some.. like near the start of the F3 freeway ,to the entrance and back ,stoping for lunch ect on the way 7hrs plus rides,and some 200km ,its along way on water.