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Newbie from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Tonyhonda, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Hello everyone.
    My name is Tony and have been a rider since the late 80s.
    I've had a string of bikes over the years and have recently acquired a couple of MC08 VT250s
    One is an 84 FII and the other is an 83 F. Both bikes are complete, start and run. Not in road worthy condition obviously.
    I am planning to restore the F bike and may chime in from time to time regarding this.
    Anyway, hope to meet you all at some point so stay safe in the mean time.
    All the best.

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  2. Welcome aboard mate. When you've had a few posts and a few likes you can post pictures - we'd love to see the old 250s. There's plenty of experience and a gutful of smartarsery here, so hopefully you can solve a few problems and have a laugh as well.

    Where abouts in Sydney are you? And are you riding a registered bike now as well?
  3. Hey Steve, I'm in Blacktown mate.
    I have a 2001 E2 ZX9R in storage at the moment, but nothing registered as yet.
    The Honda project is more a labour of love to relive my youth...
    My 1st bike was an 83 FII and had tonnes of fun on that and now nostalgia has kicked in and I decided to try find one to restore. Ended up with 2 ! And some spare parts thrown in too.
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  4. Winner. Any plans to dust off the zx? Those early 2000 ones are beautiful looking bikes...
  5. I will one day. Hopefully soon.
    Not sure. I was lucky finding this ZX as it was a one owner bike who rarely rode it.
    It only has 4399 kays !
    She is minty !
    I sold my previous ZX9R (B1 model) some 9 years ago and regretted that.
    So about a year ago i was just cruising bike sales and the E2 just popped at me and I had to inspect it.
    Ended up agreeing on a fair price and had it trailored to a friends house for storage. (The mrs doesn't know I have it..... yet....)
    Just couldn't pass up the opportunity to own a minty machine like this. So for now she sleeps.
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  6. Ahhahahahaa that's great. Shame such a nice bike isn't getting the attention it deserves but I'm sure as soon as you can find a good excuse to break it to the Mrs. that it will get some lovin. You might even have to move into the shed with it haha
  7. Welcome Tony! Sounds like you've got a couple of interesting projects on the go there, not the least of which is when and how you're going to tell the missus about the ZX9!!
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  8. Hahaha maybe I will.
    It still gets maintained even though its not ridden.
    I recently did all the fluids, new motor oil, brake fluid flush and coolant flush.
    Emptied the fuel tank and put fresh fuel in it too.
    I also have a C-Tek trickle charger on it to keep the battery healthy.
    My mate kicks it over for once a week until the thermo fan kicks in so I'm happy that it is safe and getting some attention.
    Its the Fire Cracker Red version.
    It's so nice.
    Never ridden a newer gen ZX so I can't tell you how she rides even.
    I'll wait and see I guess.
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  9. Welcome mate, hope to see some pics of your projects soon :cool:
  10. I'll post some pics soon.
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  11. Hi and welcome, Tony.

    The two Hondas, are they Spadas?
  12. Welcome to the forum mate
  13. gday TonyhondaTonyhonda and welcome to NR - nice project - please post pics of the look on your missus' face when you tell her you have two m/cycles. priceless! :arghh:
  14. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
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    Hey mate. No they are the original release VT 250s the MC08 series

    Hello and thank you !

    Funny thing is I have the 2 VTs here in my garage. The Mrs knows about these ( was a mission trying to get her comfortable with these alone let me say), not about the ZX... (face palm)
    I had mentioned to her a while back that I wanted a small project to tinker with and the VT250 was perfect.
    The idea was to get one, then another one presented itself for the right money and so 2 now reside here.
    It's been raining all night here, and when the weather clears up I'll pull them out and get some pics for you all.

    Thanks GeorgeO !
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  16. Maybe you inherited it from a long lost uncle..... ;)
  17. I wish mate. Wouldn't that soften the blow !
    In good time.. :p
  18. Welcome and good luck with the two projects! Get at least one on the road soon so you can experience the riding pleasure of it :) good luck restoring them.
  19. Welcome to NR.

    Post some pics of the bikes when you get a chance.

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    Hey mate, The '83 naked 'F" is a nicer looking bike than the '84 fulling fairing FI, even though my 1st bike was an FII all those years ago.
    They aren't a spectacular bike by today's standards but were and still are a great learner machine. (I'm not a learner btw)
    My aim is to basically restore at least of them and put some Historical rego on it and ride it occasionally to keep it running ok.
    My ZX9R will really provide all my riding pleasure, when circumstances allow !

    Hey mate, I was going to pull them out today but bad weather is closing in over here.
    I've got a day off tomorrow, hopefully then.
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