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Newbie from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by jdude, Oct 11, 2015.

  1. Hi all, fairly new rider from the shire area, got myself a Yamaha MT 07
    Recently installed a DNA Filter and Cover and put on an Akrapovic titanium exhaust and removed the DB killer, sounds like a totally different bike now

    Interested to hear what other MT 07 riders have done
  2. welcome aboard :]
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    Welcome aboard, I'm from across captain cook bridge so not far from you.
    Congrats on the purchase
  4. welcome!

    just bought an mt07 on saturday, pickup on tuesday (hopefully). can't wait!
  5. hey thanks guys, once i get my posts up ill post some links for the changes with the mods i have done

    wrnsnngwrnsnng you will love it, such a nice bike to ride!
  6. Welcome along.
    Have fun on the new bike
  7. Welcome to NetRider!
  8. Welcome to NR...
  9. Welcome! yey another MT rider! :happy:
  10. Argh the joys our a brand new bike, welcome to Netrider!
  11. welcome to Netrider ...bloody hell another MT07 on here haha! :happy:
  12. thanks all

    NADs09NADs09 - have you done any work to your mt or kept it stock?

    davidkdavidk - if you had one mate you would understand :p
  13. jdudejdude did some upgrades already, exhaust, indicators, sliders and home made tail tidy =D