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Newbie from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Ruckus, Jan 2, 2015.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie from Sydney (been lurking on the forum for a while) and have been given the green light from my better half to pursue a motorcycle license.

    Have booked in my pre-learner course for January 10-11 at Rouse Hill and am very excited.

    A deposit has been made for a Kawasaki Ninja 300 and shopping my riding/safety gear over the Christmas break.

    Hope to meet some of the NR members soon.
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  2. Shalom!
  3. Welcome to Netrider and the roads!
  4. Welcome mate!
  5. welcome aboard :]
  6. Welcome and enjoy the little Ninja, they are great fun to ride!

    Ah, grumpy cat finally hits NR!
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  7. Thanks all !!!

    I've purchased most of my riding gear from MCAS (Auburn) and Sydney City Motorcycles (Lane Cove). SCM have 15% off sale at the moment.
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  8. Thanks for the link.

    I'm planning to do the "HART Confidence and Road Skills" prior to picking up my bike. Is this a worthwhile course or are there better ones for beginners?
  9. Welcome!
    What experience do you have with riding so far?
    Is this the first time you're getting your pre-learners or have you had it before?
  10. Hi InvalidUser,

    Completed my pre-learner course about ten years ago but didn't pursue the motorcycle dream further.

    I ride a bicycle on an irregular basis :]
  11. I also had my L's expire a while back (maybe 3-4 years ago) but have since gotten back to riding.
    Pre-learners shouldn't be too hard to pass then, especially if you've had your L's before.
    Check out - Sydney Learner Sessions
    On 1pm every Sat at Homebush - Bennelong Parkway I think it was.
    Mind you the group meets at that time but you can always head out that way to practice whenever suits you - it'll help a lot as they usually have cones and markings on the floor.
    Mind you this would probably be after you get your L's unless you borrow someone's bike at homebush.
    Ride Safe!
  12. Thanks for the info.

    I'm hoping to pickup my bike the weekend of Australia day and practice for a short while before I attend the Sydney Learner Session.
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  13. Passed my pre-learners and DKT. I'm now officially have a learner riders license =D

    Booked myself in for the HART confidence and road skills course. Really looking forward to to this.

    Need to arrange pickup of my bike from Motohub this weekend, any tips to get the bike and myself home safely?
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  14. Well, there are a few options.....

    Hot favourite is that you go, with your gear and your learner permit with the ink still wet, get on the bike and ride it home.

    Sooner or later, you are going to have to ride the thing on the road, there are lots of worse places to ride than Castle Hill to Marsfield on a Saturday.

    Next, is you get someone else to ride it home for you....who do you trust?

    I could, just about, ride it home for you, but, I am not comfortable on one of those wee Ninjas, too much nose down bum up for my aging back.

    Last, in my opinion, is paying someone to transport it to your place.
    The dealers could probably deliver.
    Ghost Riders, or some other transport mob, could also pick it up and deliver it, but, at a cost, of course.

    But, when you get right down to it, it's YOUR new bike.

    Castle Hill industrial area does have some nice quiet bits to get comfortable with your new machine (if you avoid the roundabouts!) and I have already offered to "shadow" you home.

    BTW, if required, about half way to your place, is my place, with a wee quite dead-end road for practicing on, and a friendly garage to have a wee seat and rest and cool drink.
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  15. You could also have a buddy go with you then follow you home for some moral support!
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    Welcome I too live in the "nether region" of Sydney.
    A person of infinite taste as well...a Ninja...nice.

    Get them to deliver the bike...I did.
    no way I was flinging a leg over at Granville having only had my L s for 2 weeks and riding along parramatta road and james ruse old windsor- na na na. I did think about it but even my insanity has its limits! I did get on it and ride around in the dark like a loon, bipping the horn constantly because I couldn't find the indicators in the dark...

    I'm happy to go for a ride with you I am a P plater so don't look to me for too much other than a bit of company and incessant chatter. I did the hart course and I thought it was pretty good if only because you get to ride on road like conditions without any cars... I really enjoyed it and got quite a confidence boost after doing it.

    There are a few of us out this way now...wondering if we shpuld get a bit of a social group gping Melbourne style for a run then coffee? JeffcoJeffco or GeorgeOGeorgeO may or may not be interested...
  17. OldmaidOldmaid i did the trial by fire thing.. Bought the bike before i got my L's , then picked up the bike the following weekend, road home via the freeway (100kms) .. I was nervous as you'd expect but i had my father shadowing me in his car. Other than the learner HART course this was the first time i had jumped on a road bike.

    RuckusRuckus it all depends on how you feel on the day.. Don't feel like you need to ride it home if you don't feel that confident.. People here always go on about practice practice practice and the main theme behind that is doing things at your pace. Take your time, enjoy the moment ..

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  18. Thanks for the responses.

    I think I'll just grow some bigger balls and ride the bike home without sh1tting my pants too many time LOL. My girlfriend will be shadowing me in a car.

    Only have one friend that rides but is busy this Saturday and is out in St Mary's.

    The dealership has a car park around the back and I'll just practice there for a while before heading home.

    My biggest concern if the small stretch of Cumberland Highway and Pennant Hill Road/Carlingford Road intersection I need to travel through.

  19. Ask around here ... I'm sure there would be someone available to ride with you .. otherwise if you luck out, as mentioned, take your time get to know the bike and enjoy the ride home.. You won't be able to wipe the grin from your face :)