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Newbie from Sydney!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Notorious_Noob, Feb 19, 2013.

  1. Hi all!
    I'm a complete newbie to riding and have just attended day 1 of the pre-learners at Clyde yesterday. If all goes well I should have my L's by tomorrow :) ! Thought I would drop in and say hi! Looking forward to riding with you peeps soon!

  2. Welcome to the world of motorcycling and good luck.
  3. can we bet on how long til we see a for sale add for a cbr125?

    welcome bloke...remember - ride like everyone is out to kill you....caus more often than not it will seem like they are.
  4. Welcome! ... and +1 to what 87Crisis said.
  5. Got through the second day! Was stressing for no reason.. was all pretty straight-forward. Just gotta do the DKT now, no bloody bookings available in the city for a week! I'm just gonna rock up and see if they can sort it out on the spot.
  6. oopsie .. that won't work .. you need to book in first .. not saying you can't perform the booking at the registry .. its just that they will most probably give you a timeslot which is a few days away anyways .. so save yourself the visit and book it online ...
  7. sod off....both my car and bike l's computer test I walked in for without a booking....they say that your meant to book but if they have a spot free why would they tell good money to walk away?
  8. Happens all the time. It's not about the money, you see. Country motor registries can be more flexible, but usually only for the last spot of the day. Letting someone walk in and be there on the only testing station when someone with an appointment walks in tends to cause arguments.
  9. *nods* there's 3 or more testing stations in the 4 local rta's
  10. Tried booking online last night, said they had no spots for another week. So went into the RTA in the city (Wynyard one) anyway and they let me take it. Got my L's now! :sneaky:
  11. Congrats N_N, ride safely now.......
  12. I got straight in in the York st RTA once went in first thing just after the doors opened.

    Obviously York st RTA ftw!
  13. Yeah time of the day matters .. true .. if you can wait around or come back at a later time (live close enuf?) than that should be fine .. i was referring to the fact that if the slots are booked (when you arrive at the registry) .. they will book you in for a later time .. so you'll have to re-visit ..

    Also some registries are more flexible than others .. depends on the crowd they get day in n day out .. :)
  14. Hey Notorious. I like stuff.