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newbie from sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fireblade, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. hi everyone
    im new to the site and wanted to say hello to everyone.i live in campbelltown sydney and i ride a 2011 cbr250r tri colour as im on my L's.
    i hope to get out and meet some new people and go for a ride as none of my friends ride.
    thank all

  2. welcome friend.
  3. Very much in the same boat as you although I have yet to buy a bike. How are you enjoying the CBR?
  4. hi all
    im loving the cbr bombr.its the first bike I have had & im finding it a great bike to learn on.
  5. Welcome to NR. We're a friendly mob .. really!
  6. Hey Fireblade
    Im from Campbelltown aswell
    if you ever wanna go for a ride let me know
  7. cheers 413.ill take you up on that ride soon.still riding around town getting use to the bike & riding.may catch you around town sometime.
  8. Yeah no probs if u see a black 2011 cbr with a slip on wave
  9. hi fireblade,

    welcome to NR buddy.

    i m form beverly hills.. if you are coming around da area for city rides.. drop me a line..

    njoy ya ride mate..

  10. cheers speedy
    likewise if your heading out this way for a country or gong ride.