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Newbie from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Dannysmithlift, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Hiya guys,
    So my name's Danny, I'm on my L's (7 months down, getting my P's on August the 20th), I ride a Laro V-Retro, and I've put 3000k's down on it so far. I know a fair bit about bikes already, partially because I'm too cheap to pay for services, so I fix everything. That's working out pretty well so far too ;). But yeah, I'm keen to learn from some veterans and help out some rookies and get to know other bikers in general :D.
    As a side note, I'm studying mechanical engineering at UTS.


  2. Welcome mate! I think you're the first LARO rider here. I was curious about these bikes, how is she?

    I study my masters at UTS. I shall look for the Laro at the overcrowded motorcycle parking bay!
  3. Welcome to Netrider, Danny, you can participate in the many detailed (and baffling) discussions the engineers here get into :LOL:
  4. Well to be brutally honest, the bike is crazy fun, you can flick it around and it's great to learn to ride on, but the build quality is pretty poor. But I guess that has a silver lining too, seeing as I've dismantled it and reassembled it heaps to fix all the little problems that pop up, so I've learnt heaps mechanically too. In any case I actually wanna sell it so I can get myself a Kawasaki 250R or a Honda CBR250RR.
  5. welcome danny id go the cbr over ninja depends if you want looks i guess.
    also check out a rs125 you can get them prey cheap and there awsum bikes.
  6. Hi there Danny, welcome along. As a mech eng student, I would hope you can do basic services on a small motorbike. LOL.

    How many engineers does it take to change a light globe?
    None. That's a sparkie's job.
  7. Hahahaha well the only thing I haven't done is dismantle the engine, but I'm just waiting for the excuse to go ahead and do it. Also thanks for the advice ONE I'll go ahead and scope the RS125 now ;).
  8. pity you're not in melbourne I could use someone with a mechanical mind to get advice and tips from.
    seems as though whenever doing something mechanical, even when doing something simple like removing the header pipe I do something wrong...
  9. The Aprilia RS125 is an insane little bike, but it's not a beginner bike.
  10. The RS125 looks pretty good, seems to have similar power to the CBR250RR.While I think of it, though I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this, but the CBR250RR concerns me slightly because it's no longer in production which means if the engine or any vital component blows it'll be difficult to replace right?
  11. Well i wouldn't say hes a beginner but i agree with you kneedragon not a beginners bike but you will certainly learn how to ride with one.
    You should be able to get parts for the cbr there prety popular so i wouldnt really wory too much.
    The thing i found was the cbr seems to hold there value prety well they seem to be a bit of a boy racers bike.
  12. welcome to NR :)