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Newbie from Sydney here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by umirin, May 1, 2011.

  1. Looking to get my motorbike license and a bike very soon. I live in the Menai area in the Sutherland Shire.

    I have been doing a lot of research on what bike I'd like and what gear I'd like.

    I have my heart set on the Ninja 250r. I love the look of it and it seems to be the best noob-friendly bike around for a great price, especially since the price drop. I'll start off just doing weekend rides but I'd soon like to be commuting to work as it would save me a lot of petrol and hopefully time if I'm lane splitting.

    At the moment I'm leaning towards a used one but I'm waiting for the private seller prices to come down as most of them are still around 5900 whereas the RRP is 6000. I will definitely be haggling and won't be paying a cent over 5000 which I think seems fair. Don't really want one over 10,000kms.

    As for gear, I'm looking at Dainese and Alpine Stars gear. Still haven't made my mind up yet as I haven't tried them on. I'll probably go to The Helmet Warehouse to buy a helmet and while I'm there I'll try all the gear on and then I'll probably buy it off the internet for much cheaper. Anyone got any tips on a newbie looking at gear? I love the Dainese Cage Jacket. I have a lot of options for gloves but I'll wait to see which feels the best.

    I would love some opinions on boots. I don't really want to pay $400+ for boots but I definitely want protective boots. The cheapest I could find was Dainese Giro-ST Boots from ebay at about $250.

    My girlfriend is fuming at the idea of me getting a bike but I've spent a few months trying to ease her into it haha. Anyone got tips?

    I'm dying to get my licence but the next pre-learners available on a weekend (I work full time) isn't for over a month! :( There aren't any courses for the next 12months+.. Is this a glitch or have they stopped doing them there? I'm gonna have to go to Clyde.

    I used to ride a bicycle when I was younger but haven't ridden for a long time. I've never driven a manual car. Should I get someone to teach me to drive manual in a car before I go to the pre learners? I'm not sure if it'll be a lot to take in at once and I don't want to fail it because it will set me back even longer.. I wanna get on a bike ASAP! Can't wait.

    I've been looking through these forums for a few weeks now and decided to sign up today :) Great forums!
  2. Good day and welcome to NR ..,=D> I am a learner rider and i have been riding for a month now and i love it. Ninja 250 are very nice bike, i was looking at purchasing when i was looking for my first bike but it was too expensive for a learner bike. Also have you consider honda vtr 250???

    Anyway good luck on your first bike...oh go to Clyde for your upright training, plenty of classes available for every week.

    Cheer mate..
  3. Hi mate and welcome to NR! Im another learner rider here and I have to say (with alot of bias), good choice on the new ninja 250s! I have one too...They do look pretty amazing for a LAMS bike and as they're all pretty new, u probably won't have too many issues to deal with so you can just focus on riding. That being said however, do have a sit around on other bikes too, just so you can at least get an idea of what other bikes feel like.

    Like you, I've only driven auto before I started riding. I'll have to admit for me, the jump was pretty big and daunting so i dont know, maybe learning abit on a manual car wouldn't hurt? I did find that searching online for articles about 'how to ride' was pretty useful just to help me get my head around what to do, so that may help u too.

    Anyway, good luck for your pre learners and hope to see you out on the roads soon! Always encouraging to see a fellow L plater.

  4. Nice! you live very close to me (I'm in Miranda). I was also looking at a Ninja 250R for my first bike but after a couple months of research I settled with the Suzuki SV650SU. I prefer the half-faired look (also less things to break if it drops). The Ninja 250R is actually a very slow bike which was the biggest turn off for me, but it still looks like sex on wheels. Look forward to riding with you when u get your Ls. I did my course in Loftus, my housemate is also taking a course there this coming weekend.
  5. Yeah I had a look at the Honda VTR and the CBR but I don't like the look of the VTR at all (like sporty looking bikes, not naked or semi-nakeds) and I cannot stand the look of the CBR exhaust. If I see a used CBR with a custom exhaust that looks good I'd consider it, but I've read better things about the Ninja anyway.

    Thanks mate. Yeah I'd been looking at a few youtube vids on how to change gears on a bike etc just to get my head around it and I think I understand most of the theory behind it. Just need to give it a go though.

    I will look into trying to con a friend into teaching me to drive a manual car.

    Hey I saw you say you'd just moved to miranda in another thread I think. I recognise your picture haha. Your bike will be very easy to spot if I ever ride past you. I've never ridden a bike before so a 250 should be good for me so I can get used to the throttle, etc. They have good resale value so I can always go up to a 600 later!

    Did you and your friend book online? Because I don't know if it's a glitch but I was trying to book at loftus and it said there were no available sessions within 60 days.. So I tried 2 months after and it said none for 60 days.. Tried 2 months after and it said none within 60 days etc etc and it basically said there were no bookings all the way up to 2012, so I stopped looking past then cause I kinda realised there was no way it was fully booked that far ahead. Maybe they have stopped doing them there? I'm not sure. Could you go online and see if it works for you?

    When I get my license I'd love to go riding with you some time. You'll be able to teach me a thing or 2 by then.
  6. I think the courses are only posted 60 days in advance, so if a site is booked out for 2 months you won't see anything at all there.
    Clyde is good...
  7. Wot e said. You need to get on at midnight when the course becomes available and book then. Good luck. Lots of scooters riders booking out the inner suburbs centres.

    The ninja isn't too bad if you're small or light. Ive ridden my gfs and the only time I prefer it is in the twisties and I'm 82kg. Definitely go 2nd hand and grab yourself one that you don't mind dropping.

    When you've got one come along the L sessions at Homebush for some MOST practice.
  8. For some reason they are working now..

    There's 1 spot left for one in 2 weeks. I have 2 friends that wanted to do this with me so I will see if they're ready to do it, if they are we will do it together next month, if not I'll do it solo in 2 weeks because I'm looking forward to getting this done!

    I'm not small or light haha I'm 6'3 and 90kg and I workout so I only plan on getting heavier.

    I saw on my friends Ninja just to make sure I fit on it and it fit perfect. Dunno what the power will be like but I'm sure it'll be fine. I don't want anything too powerful.

    I will definitely be going to the L sessions with the netrider guys. Gotta get my licence and bike first though
  9. Hey i have the same problem with my girl fuming at the idea of a bike!

    Been trying to ease her into it with the help of mates but its pretty tough. Good luck for your L's man :)
  10. If your GF is fuming at the idea of the bike, just remember, there's always more fish in the sea!

    Also, they should be excited! Girls love guys on bikes! ;)
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    Very simple. Get her to ride a bike, she'll never look back.
  12. Some great ideas :)

    I think i've talked her into going for a short ride on the back of a friends bike this weekend. She's a big one for believing the first negative hype she hears.

    And hey, failing that like lowercase said - im sure there's plenty of single girls who love bikes :LOL:

    (sorry for hijacking your thread Umirin!)
  13. #13 umirin, May 4, 2011
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    Haha yeah, thanks!

    Hahah yeah I thought she'd love it! She has made some threats regarding me getting a bike but I will be calling her bluff haha

    Haha no chance

    I only know 1 person with a bike and they are on their L's.. so there isn't anyone she can ride with :( Good idea though!
  14. why don't you ask her to do the learners course with you. At minimum, she'll get an understanding of what your doing. I'd bet tho that she'd start wondering if she should ride too.
  15. She's not as coordinated as me and can't even drive an auto let alone a manual.. She will do terribly and hate it even more haha thus deem it unsafe for me
  16. hrmm i like that idea..

    you'll be right dude - im sure you'll find a way :)
  17. let her ride a scooter. You can choose either one. Anyway, good luck with it mate. I hope it works out for you.
  18. Cheers. Gonna book the pre learners tomorrow. I'll break the news to the gf after I've booked it..

    "Oh no.. Well I've already paid my deposit I have to do it now.." haha
  19. Welcome aboard Umirin!

    Guys, if your gf's won't let you ride due to danger, blah, blah - get them to do the learners' test with you.
    It doesn't mean that they'll have to get a license, but if you have to do it "together", it becomes a "we" thing, and not just a "you" thing.
    And girls always fall for the "we" factor - imagine them bragging to their friends about how you guys are such a cool couple, getting bike licences together, shopping for bike gear together, and all the time you spend "together" enjoying your new hobby.

    And if that doesn't work - time to find another one!
  20. Haha thanks for the tips!