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newbie from Syd

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sirian Sun, Apr 3, 2009.

  1. Hey all.. I started on here reading all the great info so apologies for not posting here first ;)

    Seeing as I will be hanging around a while thought I would say hi and all that properly.

    I am going to be going for my learners in 4 weeks (making time fly now lol) so interested in getting info and advice on all aspects of riding.

    Would be interested in getting to know some of the Sydney based folk to share rides with.


  2. Welcome,

    I am in the same boat as you but i'm currently riding now ! Hope to see ya around :D
  3. Thanks for the welcome Dazzahh :) What are you riding and how long lol
  4. get your arse over to homebush on Sundays 3pm to learn the MOST test before u go do the real thing
  5. Thanks for the tip :) I will get down there with my neighbour 'cause he is interested as well.

    Look forward to meeting everyone :)
  6. u know where it is?
  7. Not yet but you are going to tell me ;)

    I think I read somewhere it was Bennelong Rd?
  8. [​IMG]

    there ya go mate, see ya out there :)
  9. Excellent thanks goz :)

    Cant make it this weekend because the little man (son) is with me but looking forward to the next one.
  10. Welcome to the forums

    I can certainly vouch for the Homebush Grounds and the fellas that put there time and effort in trying to help others out there.

    I passed the MOST test 100%, but only due to practicing out at homebush.

    How are you finding riding on you L's?
  11. Hi Memphis

    Its great that these guys put the time into helping us newbies learn the basics. Massively appreciated actually :)

    I am going for my learners first weekend in May, was the earliest I could get in. My neighbour is still relatively new to riding so he is interested in the practice sessions - I am going to come along to see so I can get a better idea of things.

    Would love to particpate (he has volunteered his bike lol) but it means many people turning a blind eye to the fact that I dont officially have my L's - probably not the best way to begin things lol

    Thanks for the welcome, hope to see you around :)
  12. Another Sydney newbie chiming in.

    Did the pre-learner training last week, did the knowledge test this morning. Now just to sort out getting a bike and learning to ride properly :shock:

    Look forward to seeing some of you at Homebush on a Sunday afternoon
  13. Welcome sirotilc, how did you find the pre-learner training?

    Congrats on passing everything :) Now time for the fun part ;)

    I am hoping to make it out this Sunday just to meet everyone until I get my L's
  14. probably wont be many people out there on sunday as its easter and people got family do's on, but hey, ill be there, thats all that matters :grin: :grin:
  15. Yeah I know... oh well us loners can still have fun lol

    Maybe you can don on an easter bunny suit and hand out eggs lol Now THAT would be hilarious ;)
  16. if you do go, just note that there will be plenty of easter show traffic
  17. No probs, most people get public transport for the show. Besides I will check the RTA site to see which roads are closed and work around it that way.

    Of course you realise I am missing the footy... but thats ok, will watch the highlights when I get home lol
  18. what team?
  19. Tigers ;) I was thinking about going to Brookie to watch them but the traffic around there is insane on game day

    But I am a footy nut and got Fox put on so I could watch the games - yes I am a tragic footy head.
  20. ohh booooooooooooooooooooooo

    cant get more fanatical than me, im sure u know who i go for if u have seen my posts