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Newbie from Sth East Brisbane ; )

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MyGSXey, Dec 15, 2009.

  1. Hey Everyone!

    A few months ago, I purchased my first road bike, a GSXR 600. I wanted to make sure that i could ride it properly, so I have just completed the advanced rider course with Stay Upright. It has been about 6 years, since I was last in the saddle, and that was a 250 road trail. I am a new road bike rider but very keen to explorer all roads. We are looking for any riders who may be interested in riding both locally & interstate. I am looking to head out somewhere locally this weekend, let me know if you are interested.
  2. Welcome, I'm new to the forum myself.

    Picking up my my first bike tomorrow, not sure of plans this weekend yet.
  3. Im doing a Stay Upright course myself early next year. What did you think of it? The roads from Mt Glorious west to Esk/Hampton/Somerset Dam/Mt Mee are all great rides, as well as Kenilworth. Not really interested in groups though, just hubby and I doing our own rides, but we might see you out and about!
  4. Hi

    Thank you all for the warm welcome!

    goz, I will check out the information page and thanks for the tip.

    Hey Dan76, how exciting, picking up your first bike! that is fantastic! what are you getting? I remember a few months ago when I picked up mine, man you could not get me off it! well let me know if you would like to go for a ride on the weekend, I believe we live close?

    Hey ametha elf, Yeah in regards to the Stay Upright course! For me, I got a lot out of the course, the instructors were relaxed, informative, friendly and funny, it is like a refresher course from the L's & P's. The emergency braking was very helpful and picking the correct lines was also useful. The training track was defiantly the highlight for me expect for the two goanna's that pull out. But I learnt to do an emergency break in a corner, it was a great heart starter! So for me, it was defiantly value for money. Hubby came with me for support and as he rides every day, he did not get a lot out of the course as most of it come down to practising. He said there were a few things that he learnt but it would not have been value for money for him. I am very keen to do the next course "cornering & breaking" next year. Would you be interested in going out for a ride with another female biker?


    Kell :biker:
  5. Heya, Welcome to the forum! I'm on the northern end of the coast and am always keen on getting out 'n about on rides and such if ya ever want an extra. : )
  6. Hi Kell, maybe, I would really like to but hubby would be pretty upset if I went riding and he didnt.......that would be devastating for him!
  7. Hi PeskySheepy and thank you for your welcome. Extras are always welcome to join. What do you ride and have you been on many rides with Netrider?

    Hi ametha elf, well I will leave that option open and if you ever want a chicks only ride then look me up ;) My hubby has just lost his licence, so he is unable to ride for a few months but has encouraged me to go out and ride as much as I want ; ) However, once hubby gets his licence back, maybe we could go for a couples ride then.

    Open question to all,

    Any suggestions on where to go this Sunday and any takers?


    Kell :biker:
  8. Yes Kell, for sure. Keep in touch!!
  9. Hey Kell
    Got a new Triumph Street Triple R in Graphite, lovin it!!
    Still in discussions as to where I'm riding Sunday (work Saturdays). Looks like it may be south into Northern NSW somewhere but that depends on who I tag along with. If you are keen to join in I can let you know on Saturday once its confirmed.
    I live in Burleigh on the coast, so not far. :)
  10. Hey Dan,

    Excellent, nice piece of machine ; ) Sure, let me know your plans once you confirm : )
  11. I'm on a Suzuki Across... it's a bit of a mongrel but fun while I'm still in the noob stage. I went on the group ride with the Brissy Netriders last month which was great fun and ride locally with folks I meet out 'n about.

    I haven't run into many female riders so would be cool to ride with a fellow chick rider. : D
  12. What are you up to Sunday morning?
  13. Hey I've got no firm plans for tomorrow, how about a ride through the Gold Coast Hinterland??

    You keen Kell and Sheepy?
  14. I'm keen! If you nominate a meet point and time, I'll be there. : )
  15. Sheepy you got pm
  16. Dan that sound good, you have a mobile you can send me? or i can send you mine?
  17. Kell you've got PM too, sorry for hijacking your thread 8-[
  18. Dan

    No problems with the hijacking, just keep it to a min! What is PM?
  19. PM = Private Message ;)