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Newbie From Southern Sydney Says Hello

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by miikeboyle, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Hows it going out there in the land of Netrider.

    My name is Mike and im from Southern Sydney. Ive been riding bikes for about 10 years, but it has only been dirt bikes up until now.
    I have an Honda XR250 for the dirt, and i just purchaced a Honda VT250 SPADA for the road.
    I am on my Ls, so still learning, but having a ball riding round.
    Ill eventully get to a ride day, but i work shiftwork so i have to try and fit the riding around my work schedule.

    Anyway thats me.
  2. Welcome Mike

    Is the XR250 registered?

    Enjoy the Spada and hope to catch ya at one of the get togethers
  3. Welcome to Netrider Mike :grin:
  4. Hi Mike and welcome .

    I and a few others do shift work , weekday rides are good.

    Might do the old road or RNP today ,hope everyone has a nice day at work
    :p :LOL:
  5. Hey Mike. Happy riding! :biker:
  6. Hi Mike, Welcome
    Southern Sydney, let me guess, you bought the Spada from Caringbah Motorcycles?
    I'd be happy to meet you somewhere further south for a bit of a ride, perhaps introduce you to the wonders of the Macquarie Pass? :LOL: :)
  7. Welcome to Netrider Mike :grin:
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

    Toecutter - The XR isnt registered. Its a 1990 model imported from Japan, but never complianced. Ive had it for quite a few years and it has never missed a beat. It lives on my parents farm down at Braidwood, and because working shift, and trying to keep a social life i rarely get to ride it as much as i would like.

    Sleddog - Good to see there are others out there that work shiftwork too. Ive only been on shift for a several months so far, and most of my friends are non shift so i find i get alot of me time these days, so it will be good to get a bit of a weekday social life.

    hornet600 - No i didnt get my Spada from Caringbah Cycles, although i did pay them a visit to see their work. The do amazing work making the Spadas look and run like new, but i wasnt really prepared to spend $4500 on a 16 year old bike, as the plan is to use it as a learning tool until i get off my Ps, and thats when the fun will really begin. I bought it privately from down this way. It set me back considerably less than that, although doesnt look as pretty as paint is coming off the engine, but that is something i can live with. It was imported in 2000 by bikeBiz, so id imagine it got the tidy up back then. It has 43000Kms on the clock, but im skeptical about if they are authentic.

    A little more about my biking history.
    Learnt to ride Yamaha PW80 and Honda CT110 Postie bikes at friends farm.
    My first bike was a 1980 Yamaha XT200, which set me back $200. It was good for learning the ropes, and something i could call my own
    I then made a giant leap and got a Husqvarna 1988 WR250. This thing was a rocket, and i struggled to hold on. Unfortunately i learnt the hard way why my my dad had always warned me of European bikes, Engine troubles made me pay dollars, so repaired engine, sold bike, lesson learned.
    Then i got the 1990 Honda XR250 which is an awesome bike, still have and love it.
    Then got The 1990 Honda VT250 Spada.

    Other bikes i play on down the farm are a Honda CT110 Postie, and a Yamaha TY250 Trials bike.

  9. Welccome Mike, hope you enjoy the road.
  10. Welcome Miiiiiiike. Sounds like you've been on bikes quite a bit already!