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Newbie from Shepparton

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Batbike, Jul 29, 2016.

  1. Hi all,
    My name is Bob I live in Shepparton Victoria, I have recently purchased a new bike and would like to meet other riders from the area who enjoy riding and wouldn't mind another bike tagging along on the odd ride :)

  2. Welcome Batbike, there are a few members in your area, hopefully some of them will be along soon.
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  3. G'day mate, welcome. A few from shep, RussellDPRussellDP among them and I reckon he'd be up for some rides....
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  4. Welcome Bob, so what did you get ?
    Tell us more. Have you been riding long ?

    There's a few Nettie's in your area. Hopefully they'll chime in soon.
    Meanwhile, use the search function to search for Shep. and you might see a few threads on local get togethers and rides.
  5. Thanks chillibutton & cjvfr,
    I did see that RusselDP was from Shepparton in a quick search but I was sure how to message or if I was allowed to being a new member.
  6. Hi stever42, I brought a GSXR 750 2016, I sold my last road bike a couple of years ago and have been riding dirt only since (YZ450F) but missed the road and decided to take the plunge
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  7. If you see his messages then you can just reply to them, regardless of how old the post is.
  8. Cheers thanks for the tip.
  9. Howdy and welcome to NR BatbikeBatbike (y)
  10. Hi and thanks (y)
  11. Welcome to NR..

  12. Cheers (y)
  13. Some restrictions on Newcomers, Personal messaging is one of those but as Steve said you can reply in thread. Once your account upgrades to Member status, the bar under your Avatar will change to orange and you should get full member access.
  14. Thanks for clarifying cjvfr much appreciated, I will wait until I become a member before annoying anybody :)
  15. Hey there BatbikeBatbike welcome to the jungle. Lets catch up somtime
  16. Cheers mate, definalty keen for a ride with other shep members just let me know when ever your heading out for a ride and I'll be there
  17. Welcome mate :cool:
  18. Cheers mate
  19. welcome aboard :)
  20. (y)
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