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Newbie from Shepparton

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by BigFletch, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. G'day Everyone,

    Just joined and thought i would say hi.. Im 22, Names Chris but everyone calls me Fletcha. Im a fully Qualified Auto-Elec In Shepparton Vic.. Have loved bikes for a long time and have just decided to get one. Am going for my License This week and then hope to get myself a Lams Hyosung GT650R. Have a few mates in town also getting bikes so look forward to getting out there very soon

  2. Welcome to Netrider!

    Always good to have another on the boards :D

    Good luck on the Pre-Learners (if you need to do it in Vic), not that you'll need it: is real easy, and a great introduction to Bikes. Hope you like it here... we're not all *too* crazy :p
  3. Thanks Mate glad to be aboard, i generally hang on the Nissanpatrol.com.au forums but my love for bikes has taken over LOL.. Looking forward to getting out on a few forum rides and meeting a few good blokes
  4. Welcome Fletch, Pretty flat countryside out your way but once you get over the other side of the Hume it becomes more interesting. Good that you have a few mates getting on to bikes as well, it is a good day out with your mates getting on a bike and going for a blast. Good Luck with your license. And brush up on your Bike electrics I am sure you will get a few questions. ;)
  5. welcome fletch, wehn your mates get bikes too, ride down one time, do a sat nite overniter then do a sunday ride down here.
  6. Thanks for the welcome mate, i do work on bikes a fair bit so im not to bad with my way around them lol.. Just cant wait to get out there mainly haha
  7. Thanks i might just do that, im down melb a fair bit for family so might see you round the traps.. If all goes well with my license this weekend coming i hope to have a bike very shortly after that :biker:
  8. if youre down on saturday morn, we have prac session down behing BP servo on beach rd next to st kilda marina, starts 10am, knock off could be 1:30pm maybe 2ish, sometimes rides organised some of the attnedees as well, all are welcome.
  9. Thanks mate, i will def try to make a meet at some point (when work permits lol)
  10. Newbie here from shepp also.
  11. Welcome to the forum mate.

    Hyosung? Good thing you know your auto electrical then.

    Best of luck with the license
  12. welcome aboard :)
  13. Welcome to you :cool: