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Newbie from SE Melbourne!!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by samboy, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Hey NR community!

    been in love with bikes every since I was a child, rode small dirt bikes as a kid but nothing in the recent past. 24 now and thought it would finally be time to start riding

    currently in the middle of acquiring my first bike, so far tossing up between a new ninja 300 or the Honda cbr500r...finding insurance to be the biggest cost so far though, so contemplating an older bike to save on that.

    look forward to many posts!

  2. Hey!

    Where abouts in the SE are you?

    Insurance wise who have you tried? I went with Swann in the end, it was the cheapest for me. Just make sure when it asks about your license length you include car license time.
    I pay about $50-60 a month, but that includes $15 for "tyre and rim insurance" and comprehensive at market price on a Street Triple 660.

    I guess the bikes you listed are full fared, which tends to up the insurance because faring is pricceeyyy.

    Anyway, welcome! Good luck on finding the right bike!
  3. Welcome to Netrider and two wheels! :happy:
  4. Wecome mate, look for Sat morning rider training in Elwood, and group rides that go from there. up your road riding skills...
  5. Welcome!

    I bought the 2015 Honda CBR500R as my first bike and insurance is a killer. After I switch to Probationary on the bike I will look at cheaper insurance since I am also fully licensed in the car now and wasn't at first (so hoping Swann will beat Youi because of that).
  6. Thanks for all the replies!

    (not really sure how to quote/reply properly so will try and hope i don't mess up)

    Im in caulfield, where about are you?

    In terms of insurance, i have tried with most, I am getting quoted about $80 a month with swann for a 2015 CBR500R, which is by far the cheapest. Insure my ride wants $2000+, QBE is about $1300 a month as well. It makes such a difference in cost when swann asks about how long you have held any license, rather than the specific motorcycle license.

    I am also hoping that in a year, ill be over 25, have had my license for over 1 year that it would be cheaper, but $80 a month isn't too bad (excess is quite steep though)

    Will be definitely looking to go to this, heard good things about it.

    In the exact same boat as you, currently on a full drivers license though. Mind me asking how much your policy is?

    THANKS everyone
  7. With Youi it costs me about $50pm, but excess is around $2k I think so that is what I want to lower, wouldn't mind dropping it to $1-1.5k.

    Let me know what sort of deal you get if you get the CBR500
  8. Awesome, thanks for that. I am going in to see a couple of dealers this week. I will most likely get the CBR500, bit dearer but will be well worth it in the long run i hope.

    Will let you know as soon as i organise my insurance.
  9. welcome aboard :]