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newbie from SE melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by raspompy, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    I’m new to the bike scene other than riding a scooter back in my home country; I’ve always wanted to own one, so I started looking for one a while ago hoping to find a good deal for a first bike.

    Though I knew it’s not Lams approved , I went way over my head and got a 04 gsxr600,just because it was cheap (or at least I think) after reading a lot of posts, I wish had done some more research before and probably would have settled for a smaller bike.

    I just got my learners and I’m thinking of swapping with a +500cc lams approved bike or buying a smaller bike just to get some experience.I’d like to use it on the tracks one day though…However I am wondering, is there anyone who started with a big bike?

    Any thoughts or comments..
  2. Welcome

    Some interesting questions raised here I look forward to seeing the responses.

    Good luck.

    Cheers Jeremy
  3. G'day raspompy. I'm also SE rider and an L plater, keen for a ride any time. I have a 500, but it's definitely not a 'big' bike... not with my frame sitting on it anyway. Hit me up if you wanna go for a cruise.
  4. First of all, Welcome!

    I wouldn't want to be riding an "illegal" bike if you lived in the metro area. If you live out of town, well weigh up the risks. But that aside and most importantly, do you feel comfortable riding a bigger bike?

    Your first bike (well larger then a scooter) should be forgiving so you can learn quickly from you mistakes, i don't think a 600cc sports bike would be, although you would get better handling and braking.

    Its up to you really, i know and have heard lots of people starting on bigger bikes, i'd say its roughly 50/50 positive or negative responses about it and really would of come down to if that person felt calm and comfortable on it so they could learn the core of the riding skills with minimal worrying.
    Cheers Ampto
  5. welcome to NR, first bike I got was a VTR250, bought cbr600 a few months later, 4 weeks later I sold the 600, almost killed myself, then got a 650 cruiser, werent lams at the time but they are now, ride to your ability, be an idiot [play with fire, and you WILL get burnt]
    Keep smiling and hope you make the right choice :)
  6. Hi Gord,
    Thanks I'm in Clayton south,I'll definately get in touch soon.
  7. Thanks Ampto,
    I'm trying as much as possible not to be overconfident and think I'm an exception,I've settled on getting a smaller bike which I will sell later.I am however planning to take my gixxer on a trailer out of the city and ride in country roads just to get used to it,i don't know if that eliminates any risks.
  8. You've some riding experience so that's not so bad. But you've to remember that riding here in Australia is a lot different mainly because of bigger bikes, higher speeds & the road conditions.

    Your sports bike is obviously much more powerful than a scooter so you've to cautious If you ride. Its illegal a well so if you get caught then is it worth all the trouble?

    I personally would recommend you getting a L bike first and fine tuning your skills. Come down to st kilda practice sessions & enhance your knowledge. Treat yourself like a learner. I was like you. I learnt on a scooter overseas tho I rode a lot of bikes back home as well. But riding here is a different ball game.

    Hope thus helps. Ride safe.
  9. If you are riding a non-LAMS bike when you should be riding LAMS then you will not be insured. So if you write it off it will be your loss but also if you write it off hitting something expensive, say someone's new Merc, then you could also be liable for that too.

    Also if you are ever pulled over in a random check you are going to be in a slight spot of bother, which apart from setting you back financially may also set your licence back for a bit.

    Added to that, today's technology is pretty good at helping police match camera recognition of licence plates with ownership and flagging that the owner is not licienced to ride that class of bike, which means chances of being pulled over may be higher.

    Finally, people who ride higher powered bikes than they are licenced to ride are statistically over-represented in the statistics for those who crash and get seriously hurt or killed.

    So the obvious question, is is it worth it? You may well want to consider selling and getting something else that you are legally able to ride.

    All of that aside, hi and welcome to NR.
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  10. If you're going to the effort of taking it on a trailer, why not consider taking it to a track day? At least that would be legal, and the consequences of coming off *may* be less severe than on a public road.
  11. I reckon he'd be safer in the metro area, personally. The only time I've been pulled over on the bike was in the country, and that was full breatho, rego, bike check, licence, the works. If you're in the city on a 600, if you're not doing anything stupid and not displaying an L plate, I'd say you're better off there than in the country.

    Still, with no insurance being on an illegal bike; you'd have to be out of your brain unless you were a millionaire!

    Still, I'm up for a cruise. Just don't hit me!
  12. I also thought about getting a larger bike and using it purely for track use as well but when i called up a few places enquiring about it, they advised that i'd only be able to use on track what i'm restricted to on the road ie. LAMS approved, until i'm off restrictions.
    Of course this may vary between different tracks. Kind of unfortunate seeing as there are several larger bikes around that cost not much more than a little 250.

    Oh and Hi everyone! :)
    Just got my L's recently, despite joining NR 7 years ago (back in 05) haha
  13. Keep it for a track bike!
    Welcome in mate,
  14. Would there be much point in keeping a track bike that I can't legally use on the track, let alone the road?
    As much as I would like to take it to the track once I've (a LOT) more experience, and as tempting as some prices i've seen are, there's not much i can do with it besides pootle around the backstreets at sedate speeds. Don't really want to risk taking it onto main roads/freeways, assuming said track bikes are even street legal.

    Anyway, don't want to get too ahead of myself just yet. Still shopping around for gear & a bike. Got my helmet last weekend though & test rode one (fairly poor example) bike :)
  15. Can I ask how long you have lived in Victoria ?

    I'm in Berwick about 30 minutes away from you I've been stopped/checked/rbt 5 times in the last 12 months"" no fines .

    Just something to consider :) have fun
  16. Thanks for the info that I clearly over-looked before I got a bike,looks like I'll end up having two bikes or one 'small' one.Having tested the gixxer,which gave me quite a scare, I'll surely miss it...