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Newbie from SA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mroelink, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Hi all,

    Just thought I'd introduce myself quickly.

    I'm Michael. Had a crazy pee-wee thing when I was little when we lived in McLaren Vale, my uncle has a garage of bikes, my dad had a dirt bike, grandfather rode motorbikes in WW2, the other grandfather rode bikes as a cop in The Netherlands so it was alway going to happen that I get into it.

    Going for my L's this week coming, again, after getting it when I was 17, but wasn't allowed to get a bike (mum put her foot down) and it expiring after 2 years. Now its $352 & two half days, back then it was $90 and done in half a day!!!

    Just would like to say, i've been trawling for about 3 weeks in here, and would just like to take a moment to say thanks for all the great info.

    Well, i'll see you round.

  2. Hi Mroe!

    Welcome. Good luck with getting your learners (again).

    What sort of bike are you planning on getting?
  3. To start, a second hand boring 250, something not too precious, incase the inevitable learner drop occurs and something that doesn't go too fast too easily so i don't get carried away.

    Then on to adventure touring bike, around 600cc. Pretty inspired to get out there and travel and shoot some doco footage. Been a dream for a few years now.
  4. Sounds like a lot for the learners. I think ours must be heavily subsidised up here in NSW. That will probably change now we have a new Government.

    With your pedigree I'm sure you'll do well.

    Welcome to the forummm
  5. Well its taken about 4 weeks for a set of invoices to be paid, but they finally came in this week.

    So, time to blow the lot... well, nearly.

    I just put a deposit on a Honda VTR 250. Very Pleased. :)

    Been looking for one in good condition for a decent price for a few weeks now, and being SA, their often isn't a lot of real choice....

    Pick up the bike later this week.

    Now, to buy a helmet and jacket....

    Any advice on where to find a bargain, in Adelaide or online....

  6. Welcome to NR. and Congrats on the getting the L's. And the Honda VTR 250. :)

    Jacket - well, if you know your size, you can get it online. Or try it on in one of the stores and order it from somewhere else.

    Bike Biz have got some nice Learner deals going on. I got a DriRider Alpine jacket - which is waterproof, winterproof and can be worn in summers as well (if the thermal lining is removed) so try something like this - all-in-one.

    Same with Helmet but different brands fit differently so better it get it from a shop front. Shark, Shoei have some massive sales on now so its a good time to get one.

    What have you budgeted for these 2 things? and what about shoes, gloves etc.
  7. Thanks for the welcome.

    I'll definitely be getting some gloves and boots too.

    I have about $1k set aside for gear.

    I'm having a look at bike biz right now.

    I'll be going to Peter Stevens clearance store tomorrow afternoon, to see what they have there.

    I'll by buying cash, so that should always sway a salesman to give me a little discount in these times of slow sales.
  8. Sounds like a good plan. A good chunk of that 1K will go towards a good helmet. Lets say $500 ($450 maybe). Also look out for AGV. They are a good brand. A good all-in-one jacket will set you back $250 or so that leaves you $250 (or $300) for shoes and gloves so I think you might be ok.

    As you said, if you are buying so many things in one go, you might be able to a get a good discount. Maybe say upfront what you want and if you can get $1200+ worth of stuff for $1K CASH!

    Best of luck. Also try to get a waterproof rain pants ($30 roundabout) if you can. They are worth it.
  9. Thanks for the tips.

    This is why I like forums.....
  10. No Problems. I was in the same boat a month ago and got a lot of nice tips from here.

    Best of luck and Ride Safe!
  11. You can get a helmet for around $180,,dont get sucked into buying an expensive one--they all pass the same tests.
  12. Got kitted out on Monday Night.

    Peter Stevens Clearance store... the way to go! I think Luke was the guy there, young, like me. He was really good.

    Ended up getting an AGV K-3 helmet, with a bit of a design on it, not too OTT. Black and Blue, to match my bike (and it was the only one they had in my size... so it was that or the Rossi fluro yellow one....) $173 i think i paid for it.

    AlpineStars textile jacket, that was about $200 off i think. Looks pretty nice. A lot more streamlined than the RST and DriRider ones i tried on.

    Got some DriRider boots. They were only $20 off....

    Had to pay full price for some gloves, RST winter jobbies, with a visor squeegee on the left thumb. Clever.

    And a Kyptonite lock.

    Oh, and got some of those waterproof pants. $30... spot on.

    Bike paid off, pick up Saturday. Then some tentative baby step rides :)
  13. Awesome. That sounds like a shopping spree. I would suggest to wear the boots and gloves for a little while (To get used to them and to break them in as well) before actually picking up the bike. Just wear them around the house and get the feel of them. Do a few stretches, squats etc. :)

    Have fun!
  14. i've been wearing the boots nearly every night.... mainly because its cold and i dont have any ugg boots this year :LOL:

  15. Picked up my motorbike this morning.

    So much fun riding around.

    Had my dad ride with me on his scoot scoot.... he's thinking about upgrading to a real bike now... :) (Mind you, his SYM 150 has a bit of get up and boggie... for a scooter.)