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Newbie from Perth

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Claresy, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. Howdy y’all, thought it was about time I introduced myself. I’m new to this motorbike caper but like many of you out there, I’ve caught the bug too. I haven’t managed to haul myself down to the licensing centre to get my learner’s yet but that day will come soon I hope.

    I’ve done a lot of surfing the net about what bike would suit my somewhat un-slender frame but let’s face it it's gonna come down to what I feel comfortable on and what I can afford (oh great, now I sound just like my dad!!!). I checked out the Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha 250 cruisers but I ended up narrowing it down to a Hyosung Aquila GV250. Now before any knockers out there get on my case, don’t worry, I’m not about to part with my hard-earned $'s until I’ve actually ridden one. I was hoping someone reading this will point me in the right direction of a riding instructor in Perth that uses the GV250. I’d also like to get opinions about the upgraded exhaust option / part / thing, as the only thing I’ve heard about them is from the Hyosung salesperson.

    For my final two cents worth, I think it’s a shame that we need to sit an additional test for an unrestricted license in WA and we don’t have LAMS. Then again, it’s been almost a year since I started looking at bikes so it may have been another five before I figured out which one I liked best if I had more options to choose from :roll:
  2. Welcome to Netrider!

    I am sure you will find lots of opinions on bike here. Use the search function to find stuff - it's very handy.

    Sorry I don't have an opinion on those bikes - soooo long since I rode 250's!

    Can recommend the coffee nights - hopefully there is one near you!

  3. Welcome from another Perthie Enjoy the forum there is heaps of info just look for it
  4. Thanks for the welcome and tips WGM & Scorpious. I’ve spent some time reading through threads and the differing opinions in relation to the GV250. The one thing I have noticed is that there are a lot of knockers out there against Hyosungs in general but from all the threads I’ve seen, I’ve yet to discover anyone bagging the GV250 who actually owns (or has owned) one! On the contrary, most owners have nothing but praise for them so I think that’s a good sign.

    I’ll keep you posted on how things go.
  5. I have no idea about any Hyo's but I can say that the Suzy 250 cruisers are a good learner bike to have.
    If they are stillmaking them with the Gn engine they are virtually bullet proof.
    I had for over 2 years a GZ250 which was great to throw around the corners. The only problem with them was the power with a fat ba*#ard like me on it wasnt to hot. With a strong headwind to content with a quick accelleration wasnt possible.


  6. Welcome to NR
  7. Thanks for the info Shaun. I was put off by the Suzuki merely by the fact that the dealer I went to was a knob - wasn't interested in giving me any information as I told him I was only looking. Also, another thread I looked at mentioned that the owner of a GV250 was bigger than me and still managed to get great performance out of it (BoogieMan from memory??).

    Another reason to stick with a better performing bike is that the finance department may not approve additional funds after my initial capital expenditure (if you know what I mean) so I may be stuck on a 250cc for some time.

    BTW, "What is the Matrix?" :D
  8. Welcome Claresy :grin:
  9. If your still looking and intersted in a Suzuki and want to try a diff dealer I recomend Norm at Witchcycles in Day Rd Rockingham,the mans a legend
  10. Thanks for the tip Shaun. I'll go see Norm next time I'm down that way.

    I went to Dale Britton's yesterday to check out the GV250 and while I was there, got a business card from a riding school who uses Hyosungs - R.I.D.E. Without having ridden before, I'd probably choose the GV250 over the Intruder simply because of my size - the Intruder just felt too small. But as I mentioned before, final judgement reserved until I ride them all.

    Also while I was out yesterday I went looking for helmets. You have no idea how difficult it is to find an XXXL in Perth :shock: I tried on at least a dozen XXL's in all brands - even tried on an XXXL in an open faced but none fitted! Was told that HJC were not manufacturing any XXXL's for another 6 months. Heaps of calls were made by the different (9 in total) shops that I visited and nobody could track down an XXXL - any brand, anywhere!! Just when all my hopes of riding a motorbike in the next 6-12 months were dashed, I found one at the 10th store - yay!! I bought a HJC CL-15 in gloss black. Was told that they didn't know they had one and was extremely lucky to find it.
  11. Hey Claresy I'm a new rider from Perth too and just wondering about the riding school that uses the Hyosungs. Do you know what sort of Hyosungs they use to teach on because i'm looking at a Hyosung as my first bike?

    Can you please give me the contact details, I tried searching for them on the net but couldnt find anything?
  12. otis,

    Their website is http://www.ride-school.com.au/.

    I am currently learning on a hyosung gv250 with them.

    I have absolutley nothing but praise for the professionalism of the school. I was meant to have a two hour lesson yesterday but because my instructor had to cancel on me, we ended riding from 8am til 12.30pm and was only charged for two hours.

    My instructor is Mark but I think he is only in the northern areas ie. morley but I am pretty sure they cater for most areas.

    I heard that dale britton is doing a special where if you buy a hyosung from them, then you get a free lesson with RIDE. pretty bizzare system to get a free lesson after you buy a bike, but hey.......

    I found the gv250 heaps of fun to ride and im 180cm and 85kg so not the lightest bloke.

    ps I do not work for dale britton or RIDE.

  13. btw, welcome to NR claresy. :grin:
  14. welcome aboard

    Lucky you,

    I think wa has the least unfair registration costs for motorcycles in the country. I'm in Vic and it costs just about the same to register a bike as a car here.

    I know korean cars are as good as their jap counterparts but I just hate the look of Hyundais and here in vic at least 1/2 of the hyundai drivers are as bad as Volvo drivers so I cant help putting diyungsoon... I mean hyosung riders in the same bag.

    Check this 250 honda

    welcome to the site Claresy.
  15. At least you can see your toes! Oh to be 85kg again. I think I was in high school last time I was that weight. :oops:

    I can't vouch for that in W.A. as I've not seen that many Hyosungs out on the road but I do know what you mean about Volvos - although you can't blame the drivers (honest). I drove a V70 for about a week in the UK (some years back) and I turned into a complete muppet behind the wheel. Its the car, I tell you, its the car! :roll:
    No doubt I'll see more Hyosungs on the road now I've said all that.

    Oh and thanks to all for the welcome.

    BTW Bugs, nice Honda but you can't get them new.
  16. Yeah I know that they are unavailable new but there is an upside to buying low k used. As for Volvos; This bloke I know; Just for the sake of the story I will call him "Pricey Posty". He is/was? a very dedicated motorcyclidt whos done a million laps of the Kew Boulevarde at warp factor 9 on a RZ 500. Anyhow, Pricey Posty did a u turn on said boulevard in a Volvo whilst towing a trailer and took out a motorcyclist. I must admit he was good enough to transport the remains of said mc in the trailer to the wreckers or wherever it had to go! :LOL:

    You may think that this is evidence that Volvos do in fact damage the brain of of their operators. However in this case, the "evidence" is totally unreliable as Pricey Posties lonely brain cell malfunctions when he is on any road, no matter what make or type of vehicle he operates. Furthermore his lonely brain cell is prone to malfunction when he is not "on the road" as well.