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Newbie from Penrith

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Kim Rodger, May 8, 2007.

  1. Gooday Everyone,

    After years of "gunna" have finally taken the plunge & got my L's. Don't know why I waited so long. :grin:

    Dad being a rider for many years is "stoked" to say the least & hubby was a bit shocked at first but is now ok with the idea. However there were a few conditions attached to this mid life crissis I decided to have....small sacrifice I figure.

    Anyway, have had my wheels & licence for 7 weeks now & must say am absolutely loving it - can't wipe the smile of my face !!!

    Sit my butt on a GSX250 across which is in pretty good nic considering her age.

    Have been cruising around the area & had a couple of short trips to Camden.

    Am interest in meeting up with others on the same level & anybody else who wants to meet up. So drop me a line.
  2. welcome to the forum....and i don't think of it as a mid-life crisis - rather a mid-life revelation!
  3. 40 ain't mid-life, lady, 40's the new 30, didn'tya know? :LOL:

    Welcome to the forum and to lots of two-wheeled fun.

    Check out our NSW Rides and Events forum; there's a L&P plater's ride every so often and that might be just right for you....
  4. [​IMG]

    Welcome Kim,

    Its never too old to start.. well not yet anyways. You still got a few yrs
    to go yet. :grin:

  5. Thanks Everyone.

    Well it's only the beginning !!!!

    There's a whole new world out there just waiting for me.
  6. Thanks Everyone.

    Well it's only the beginning !!!!

    There's a whole new world out there just waiting for me.
  7. Hey Kim, welcome to Netrider !!!!

    I'm a Penrith local, born in Nepean Hospital way back in 1967. I lived there till I was 35, then moved to Leichhardt and then Abbotsford. In Sept 2003 I moved to Melbourne. My family all still live in Penrith :grin:

    Enjoy your live on 2 wheels !!!
  8. Gooday Doonx,

    New to this forum thingy, so please excuse my repeated postings.

    I'm not a genuine Penrith girl, sorry. Only been up this end of the world for 7 years, come from Fairfield West. I do know Nepean hospital very well though & that's not through the bike.

    Hubby is a Penrith boy through & through - possibly know your family.

    Did do a few years in Mexico when I was much younger. Worked Cheltenham & travelled home to Ivanhoe - public transport sucked back then.

    Hope to do many years on my rejuvenated wheels.

    Thanks heaps for the Welcome.
  9. Hi Kim,

    Ha, heard about you, you'd be a neighbour of Bob's! LOL.. Welcome to the world of 2 wheels. Don't you just love it? If you ever want to go for a ride, I live in the mountains, just give me a yell! (or send me a PM) :)!

  10. Gday Kim bout time ya got ya little but in here lol , good to see you joined up enjoy. There a great bunch of people and lots of usefull information .
    Bob :grin:
  11. Yeah Suzyq, I be the neighbour that asks for help on the occassion & let's Bob know of my latest episode(s) or should I say "falling overs" - I've had a couple or 3. :?

    I can't wipe the smile off my face each time I go out though. I LOVE IT !!!
    Thanks for the offer, sure beats riding on your own.

    I know Bob, better late than never. Has certainly been interesting reading & there a quite a few larikins around.
  12. LOL Kim, yeah I've a couple of oopsies too don't worry! I think it happens to us all. Don't know if Bob has told you, but I've just upgraded to a new bike. :shock: Bit stressed about having an oops on the new one but he assures me it'll be right..

    Anyway anytime you wanna ride, let me know. If you're brave we're meeting for coffee at the Mean Fiddler this Saturday. If your interested I can meet you somewhere and ride out there with you.

    It is much more fun riding with someone than on your own. I think so anyway.
  13. It's the pride that gets hurt more than the bike...lol

    I saw Bob scream off on Sunday - he's got a V8 on 2 wheels but haven't spoken to him this week. Congrads on the upgrade & he's right "you'll be right" !!!

    Dad's comin down on his ZRX1200 satday arvo, so pending what time he arrives. He just did a service on my girl & we are going to ride back to his place on the central coast together on Sunday for mothers day. I know I'm pretty brave move only 7 weeks in the saddle but I've been physicing myself into it for a couple of weeks now.....she'll be right.

    Have another neightbour (female) on her "L" too & have suggested she get onboard with NR. Maybe the 3 of us can get together.
  14. heya

    Just sayin a hello back in ur thread from a n00b in Bris :D

    hope ya finding it as helpful and fun as I am

    ride safe :D
  15. Yeah Kim, lol @ Bob's V8 on 2 wheels :grin: One very nice bike!

    I remember quite vividly being on my L's, it was only a year ago that I got mine, 17500k's later ... :grin: and that's only since last July.. long story...

    Yeah, get your other neighbour organised and we can go for a ride if you like. Any excuse :).

    You'll be right going to the central coast. You gotta get out there sooner or later. A girlfriend and I have just come back from a trip down the Great Ocean Road, what a great adventure that was. \:D/
  16. Hey Sue, since when does a woman need an excuse do to anything.....come on now, give yaself an uppercut.

    Will be out on a early morning ride with the other "K"..will explain later. Hopefully she'll be online soon.

    Thanks for the confidence boost, but I know I'm in great hands with dad. After all, he has over 50 years riding experience under his belt.....not that I'm proud of him or anything.

    Let ya know how I go.
  17. Well I did it !!!!! :dance: My first long ride - central coast & back along the old Pacific Hway. Had a couple of squirrelly moments :? on the way up - certainly got my attention. Trip home was better. Can't wait to get more twisty experience to really enjoy the ride.

    Must admit the butt was a tad sore on arrival.....the seat either needs more padding or I do.
  18. Well done Kim, so a trip to the Great Ocean Road next?? lol.. well it only gets better from here.