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Newbie from Parramatta, Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by MrErk, Apr 24, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    I've just recently got my L's and looking forward to joining you all on here and hopefully in some of the nsw meets (once I get a bike)

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  2. lol another yoda? this could be interesting

    welcome bloke....i organise a run that leaves from penrith...second sunday of every month keep an eye out for the thread

    if your a hoon and wanna ride at any random point....hit me up in a private message
  3. Thanks for the invite!

    I'll definitely take you up on it when I get a bit better :D
  4. Welcome mate.. there's a learners session that is run in Syd Olympic park every saturday free of charge. It's an awesome place to learn and meet people off here and other groups.

    [NSW] Sydney Learner Sessions (weekly)

    T'is run by Chris (ozyoda - hence the another yoda remark above :p) It's a great place to start when you're fresh into riding.. Then when you're confident hit crisis up (y) and join in on group rides.
  5. ahh it's entertaining being on completely different sides of things isn't it....

    so - glenmore run? :p
  6. Welcome. Quite a few of us near you around Parra.

    I'm sure I'll see you at a Sat sesh.
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    keh ?

    Welcome mate.

    Definitely get out to homebush once you get a bike. If nothing else it's a good chance to catch up with some other L riders although the cone weave, u-turn, obstacle avoidance & quick stop practice are definitely worth practicing before booking your P's test.
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    Glenmore Park - the best place in Western Sydney to practice cornering (y)
    Check it out thru street view http://goo.gl/maps/HRcqb
  9. Ah ! I see

    Yeah I know glenmore park. I have 2 sisters that live there. Just didn't get crisis reference :)
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  10. It arouses me that place does - late night no traffic run of glenmore beats eastern creek hands down.
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  11. Hi,

    Welcome to the motorcycling community. They're a pretty good bunch on here and you can learn a lot.

    Whats sort of bike are you looking at getting?
  12. Thanks for the warm welcome all!

    Looking forward to meeting some of you at the meets!

    I'm looking to get a naked bike. The KTM Duke 200 has my eye at the moment, but i also have a friend willing to sell me a scooter cheap (please don't hate me..... :cry:)

    Was tempted to buy the scooter off said friend and sell it towards the Duke :sneaky:
  13. buy cheap faired bike n turn it into a streetfighter mate
  14. Hi, nothing wrong with scooters. My wife has a S125 Vespa and it's a hoot to ride. When thinking about the bike you want to get, think of the type of riding you want to do and who you will ride with. Do you want to do some touring and overnight trips, or do short blasts round the twisties, or simply ride to the coffee shop for a latte? Also think about if you want to start on a very simple and small learner bike and then sell and buy a bigger, better bike after you're on your full license or whether you want to get a decent learner bike that you can keep for quite some time and do a lot on it without the need to upgrade. LAMS bikes come in all shapes and sizes and my recommendation is to buy one with a bit of capacity (not a 125 or 250) but a 500cc or upto 650 cc bike upfront. Also think do you want a faired bike or a naked? Fairings offer a bit of protection, though normally cost more to insure.

    The best LAMS bike around is a GS500(f) Suzuki. They do everything really well, you can tour on them, blast through the twisties and generally keep with people on sports bikes. They are comfortable to ride and mechanically bullet proof.

    Let us know what you decide on
  15. Welcome to NR @MrErk!
    +1 to what @Bandit01 has posted above.
  16. g'day MrErk! nothing wrong with scooters indeed as what Bandit01 posted ;)
    i commute M-F from western sydney to Rydalmere passing parra all the time ... gimme a nod when you see a red de-badged honda cbr ;)