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Newbie from Nth SA.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by redrocket, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. (Originally posted this last night but it disappeared after the server went down)
    G'day All, been hanging around for a couple of months but never got around to an introduction. I live in Port Pirie, 240kms north of Adelaide, 90km south of Port Augusta. I hadn't ridden for about 15 years until I bought a NTV650 Revere off a work collegue as one of those spare of the moment decisions. Seemed like a good idea, my wife doesn't think so. Living next to the Flinders Ranges, got some nice twisty roads around, really enjoying being back in the saddle!
    (not really a rocket!)

  2. Welcome RR, hope you enjoy netriders.

    There's some nice riding roads up that way, I used to live in Woomera for a few years aaaaaaggges ago.

  3. Welcome back to riding (you'll spend the rest of your days wondering WHY you stopped, and rejoicing in the fact that you started again) and to the loopy, bizarre and just occasionaly sensible entity that is Netrider.
    When you have time, tell us what you were riding 15 years ago......
  4. Hi redrocket , welcome .
  5. welcome to the forum mate. i hope this forum helps you to understand the bike world more. for me it has coz im also a newbie but if not i hope you make a few friends on here.
  6. Welcome back, your wife will get over it, bummer about losing your post, but all is well now.
  7. Thanks for the welcome.
    I used to ride dirt bikes, my last bike was a Yamaha IT490. The Revere is my first introduction to road bikes, felt wierd at first, lower centre of gravity, a lot heavier, whole different ball game.. and you don't put your feet out when cornering!!
    Really enjoying it, although I miss the ability to comfortably go for a squirt up a dirt road.. thinking my next bike might be an on/off road, I've been reading some good reviews about the V-strom 650, (apart from the cosmetics).