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Newbie from Northside Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by locusm, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. First post so high fives all round.
    Doing 2nd day (assessment day) at TeamMoto this week. No idea what bike to get just yet, been trying to work out gear first.
    This has been the single most useful site by a country mile so thanks to all those that share...


  2. Welcome Mate. There is a few Brisbaners lurking here.
  3. Hi TRA,
    What are the better retail outlets on the Northside for gear? I've only been to Brisbane Motorcycles so far in Windsor...
  4. Hello locum, welcome NR. Yeah, the major numbers on NR are in Sydney and Melbourne, but there's still a few northerners here. Nice to have you along, mate.
  5. I am a long term customer of Team Moto Virginia, but thats only cause they are spitting distance from me, and I know half of them by first name and get good discounts!!

    There is a couple of places at Brendale that do good gear at the right price and if you are down yatala way there is also the AMA warehouse. A little further down the toward the coast is Shark Leathers, owned by a former motorcycle racer who is now a quadriplegic, but knows his shit.
  6. There's also Moss Street at Slacks Creek / Springwood, where there are several bike / gear shops.
  7. Team Moto at Virginia are great with a good selection of gear, then I found Team Moto at Albion and they are even better :)
  8. Thanks folks - had no idea Team Moto were at Albion, just down the road from work so Ill check it out.

  9. Welcome locusm, I'm from south Sunshine Coast so regulary find myself on rides through northern brisbane area. Hope to see you out and about.
  10. try ALAN or SAM at bikers world 24/115 robinson road geebung
  11. Welcome from Brisbane..

    This thread has shed more light on motorcycle gear places in Brisbane than any other threadon the forum I've seen eyt !
  12. Yeah, I agree. I used to live up there. They seemed to have a sale every three months to keep their limited floor stock moving. I bought a rain suit and a tank bag from there well below normal retail price. The parts guy (a really big fellow) is quite helpful, too.
  13. Welcome,
    today was my first post, and it is good to see several others from northern Brissy. I hope you get your hands on a nice bike soon.
  14. howdy dude - david from nundah
  15. Better late than never ... Welcome!
  16. Welcome, I'm at Northlakes :)