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Newbie from Newie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ssimmo, May 3, 2008.

  1. So after a lot of reading (especially on this site), I finally bit the bullet and bought a bike! :grin: I found a blue '05 VTR250 here in Newcastle and snapped it right up. Seeing as this placed helped me with a lot of questions I had, I thought I'd better sign up.

    I've got my learner course booked for this mon/tues, and after a quick spin around the block I must say I can't wait.
  2. Another Newcastle rider, welcome to Netrider :)! You may be able to hook up with a few of the Newcastle riders for some mentoring too.
  3. :grin: Welcome aboard. Another local YAY :grin: .
    Enjoy the learners course, just dont focus on the BIG open drains or you'll end up in it :oops:
    See you around
  4. Welcome Aboard mate!
  5. Thanks for the tip! Hopefully you'll be seeing me cruising the streets soon. Are there many members from Newcastle here?
  6. Yep there are a few of us around. Sometimes someone will organize something and some will actually come along.
    Just look for a 30 year old Ducati 900 Darmah chugging around and I'll probably give you a nod :wink:
  7. Sounds good mate. I'll have to get a few hours under the belt so I don't make a fool of myself.

    I added a pic in my garage too, not that anyone needs to see another VTR250 :p
  8. Sssimo- congratulations on the new bike and all the best with your course!

    I'm another new member and thought I'd add my "hello" message to this thread rather than start another one as I'm also sorta kinda from the Newie area, living about an hour away in a more rural part of the Hunter.

    I've been riding for (ahem) a while although had a break from roadbikes somewhere in the middle and only bought one again last year. My current bike is a red 900 hornet. 'Cos red ones go faster- I'm going to kill the next person who says that to me I've heard it so many times lately...


    I hope to see some of you around!
  9. Red ones go faster :p :LOL: Welcome, both of ya.
  10. hi and welcome to NR
  11. Welcome mate. Where abouts are you from exactly?
  12. Thanks for the welcome guys!

    I'm from near Dungog, the pothole and oblivious-car-drivers-U-turn capital of NSW.
  13. Welcome to the site mate.

    With this sudden influx of Newie riders I can feel a ride coming on! Who's going to organise it then?

    ....and, to confirm previous reports, it is true what they say about red ones :LOL:
  14. OK, red ones DO go faster!

    I'd be in a Newie ride if one is likely to happen and I'm not working that day. :grin: