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Newbie from Newcastle.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Jastel, Jul 18, 2012.

  1. G'day guys, I've just discovered the joy of riding motorcycles at the age of 35. I've said I was going to get my license for years but recently I got made redundant at work and had a few weeks of spare time so thought what the hell...... Much to the distress of my wife and mother lol

    On Saturday I purchased my very first bike, a blue 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R, and have ridden it everyday since :)
    As a first-time rider I was both excited and shit-scared when I hit the public roads but I am slowly gaining enough skill and confidence to not look like a complete tool. The bike itself is fantastic and has more than enough features and power to satisfy my needs.

    Anyways I'm going to get back to reading your forums and learning.


  2. Welcome aboard

    Lots of info here at NR , Where abouts do you usually ride?
    I`ll have start a Newcastle coffee run thread. We have lots of great rides around here
  3. I usually ride between work and home (Hamilton-Cardiff) or just about anywhere in an effort to gain experience. I rode to Heatherbrae and back yesterday because it's all 80kph limit :)
  4. Welcome to the forum,
    Might nod at you out on the road if you keep traveling around Heatherbrae.
  5. Welcome aboard fellow Novocastrian :applause:

    There are a number of us here, most tend to ride alone or with other groups I think.

    Keepa na eye out for an old Ducati going from Swansea to Warners Bay and back Tues-Fri :biker: I nod for just about everyone (except Harleys)
  6. Cheers guys. Where would you guys recommend I go for the bikes 12,000k service? The young fella I bought the bike off said he did it himself but I have my doubts due to it being a major service and the oil is dirty.....

    It also came with a multi-coloured Musarri exhaust but I felt like a dick riding around and put the stock one back on lol
  7. There must be enough Newcastle Netriders to start up a Newcastle Coffee night, mustn't there?

    Oh, and welcome to Netrider :)
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  8. Welcome. New myself but NR best place for any advise to learn on.

    I will be up for coffee runs if they are set up. Maybe a Newcastle learning session can work with all the new riders here.
  9. Welcome to NR and to the fascinating world of Motorcycles! (y)
  10. Definately keen for a coffee run.... Vanilla Latte for me thanks :)
  11. My bike....

    With the Musarri silencer on....... too loud for my liking.

    Put the stock one back on it.
  12. The loud lets you know your breaking the speed limit!

    Looks like a sweet ride, I`ll Put a meet time down

    11am, King Edward Park , Saturday or sunday . (all subject to change)

    All riders welcome , look for the X-cop bike or the ninja pictured

    so far the plan is

    This Saturday ,11am@King Edward Park. slow ride around the park to satisfy my voyeuristic side , Then cruise out to kangaroo island where we can play
  13. :-({|= I only get Sundays to play (see sig) and this one is already booked out with house maintenance ](*,).

    mebee next time
  14. The one weekend there is a local ride I have to work. Never work weekends but this one I have to. Wont be able to make it but really looking forward to one.
  15. Stroud Brick throwing comp is on this weekend. sunday run if interested .we can meet up say at hexam macca`s
  16. The more I get to know NR, the more Newcastle riders I become aware of. Welcome aboard, Jason. Nod to the guy on the blue Daytona, if he doesn't get in first. Mark.
  17. Bring along a flash drive . I will have the lappy loaded with a copy of the Ride on video.
  18. Welcome abroad I split my time between Newcastle and Sydney.
  19. Had a blast today, thanks for your help Morbosity :)
  20. Yah , it was a pretty dam good ride.
    Next time i will take the TRX and a Tin of spray paint to mark out good stops.Write our names on the road . I will be able to exaggerate my moves on the trixxer.dropping the knee from the beemer does not look the same.

    And just to Let the forum in , Jas was even keen for a bit of bad weather. We know we got a new rider