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Newbie from Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Olliefergo, Jul 25, 2011.

  1. Hi guys I'm a new rider in Newcastle, ive been riding for about 3 months now and have a Kawasaki er-5. Would be keen if anyone knows of good roads locally to go for a ride, so far over mt sugarloaf and out to clarencetown and back

    Cheers Ollie
  2. G'day Ollie, welcome to NR.
  3. G’day Ollie, pleased to see another local on NR!
    How was the ride over the mountain? I used to love tearing over it in my old car years ago, but haven’t had a chance to take the bike over (Only been riding a few weeks).
    Not sure how my bike will go - it’s only a 250 cruiser, so not a lot of grunt - especially with my fat arse weighing it down.
    Went for a run up John Renshaw Dve to Kurri yesterday. If you’re thinking of heading up that way, be careful near the Beresfield end - the pot holes are pretty bad around there at the moment.
    Apparently it’s a nice ride out to the wineries but I haven’t had a chance yet. Let us know if you find any nice spots :)
  4. Hiya Ollie!
    I just moved up to QLD from newcastle (but will be back down several times for a few weeks here and there yet :p).
    And yeah ninja, i lived out at cessnock so hmm... know all about JRD lol.

    Sugarloaf is a nice run. If you turn left at that long right 45kph sweeper on the other side where the wire rope barrier is (toward mulbring), theres a real nice run around the back through there too - few nice corners etc for the next few kilometres - then you can double back the way you were going :p.
  5. I'll have to try that one, another favorite is out through seaham and Clarencetown then come back through Paterson, did it yesterday, I look forward to exploring it more out there
  6. welcome ollie, when you're a bit more confident, head out towards Denman and ride down to the Ten Mile on the Putty Road (y)
  7. G'day ollie I am also from the Newcaste region and have been riding for about 6 months or so and currently on my P's. the other day my mate and I went for a ride up to Bulahdelah, we went up Bucketts way then turn right onto Booral road then over the mountains, from Buladelah we went along Bombah Point rd which was a bit rough on the old suspension cause some of it was dirt, then caught the car ferry across to Mungo Brush Road and back through Tea Gardens onto the highway. This was a good ride. We have also done Dungog as well.