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Newbie from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by beruoist, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I am basically from India.Here in Melbourne to explore the countryside for few months.I am a Motographer by passion and a techie by profession.I own a CBR250R back there at my home.


    A Random shot of one of my ride to the Southern tip of India


    Since the rented bike was costing more,I had purchased a 2006 Hyosung GT250 comet for the travels.Looking forward for guidance and assistance from the senior and experienced riders

  2. There's quite a few photographers on this site. Welcome aboard.
  3. Welcome to NR and Melbourne!
  4. Thanks Rob

    Thanks Mez

    Feels great to be part of NR brotherhood ;)

  5. welcome to NR, lots of nice places to see in Vic, maybe tag along to some of the rides that pop up
  6. Kya haal hai, Biru? Welcome to Melbourne and to NR. (y)

    Where are you staying in Melbourne and how long are you here for? There are some awesome roads here in Victoria.

    Loved your blog as well along with the name. Very aptly named and it's so true - isn' it?
  7. Thanks Goddie,Looking forward to ride with fellow riders.

    Thanks buddy,Do we know each other from any common platform ;) :D
    I am staying in Melbourne CBD at Elizabeth street,I am here for few months.

  8. I guess,I have seen you outside IBM La Trobe office.

  9. Nah..I dont work for IBM. For that matter, I dont work in the city at all.