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Newbie from Melbourne East!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by athakkar22, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Hey Guys!

    Been riding almost two years now, thought id make the efforts and start meeting some new riders too! Bought a Suzuki GSX-R 750 at the start of the year, and been loving every moment ever since!

    Would love to learn a thing or two, or more from you experienced guys!

    Cheers, Amit
  2. Hi Amit, welcome to NR.

    Keep an eye on the Sunday thread for posted rides - they're listed as learner rides, but everyone welcome, and we all have a pretty good time on them. Also the Tuesday night ride. For more advanced riders, there's the Thursday night rides, and sometimes an all day ride on Saturdays. Rides will become more frequent as the weather improves.

    If you want to meet a stack of NRs in the flesh, head on down to Saturday Learner Practice in Elwood (see the thread). Good for skills brush up, but also a good opportunity to chinwag with fellow NRs, most of whom are not learners btw. Be aware that when the weather is dodgy, Hawklord or GreyBM will post at around 8am on the Saturday as to whether practice is on or not.

  3. Welcome to NR :)

    Keep Riding

  4. Welcome to NR, Amit.

    As GD said, come on down to the Elwood session for a meet & greet.
  5. Hello and welcome from another eastern person.
  6. Yeah these Sunday sessions sound great! Hopefully will get some free time after my exams towards the end of the month/start of November and head down! Looking forward to the Summer weather to say the least :)
  7. come check out the Tuesday east-side coffee meet.
  8. welcome to NR