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Newbie from Melb

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by nedrum, May 10, 2016.

  1. The best thing my mate ever did was get me a voucher for the local rider training centre. Didn't think I'd have so much fun!

    Helmet and jacket bought, and now ready to get my first bike (CBR500RA I think). Can't wait!

    Tips on where to get a fluro LAMS vest without an advertising logo in the middle of the back would be appreciated :)
  2. Welcome mate, bitten by the bug huh? Better start your "biker super" fund by putting aside 28% of your income for bikes/bling/mods/gear/other shit for the rest of your life :).

    Have you got your L's yet? Would suggest riding a wide range of bikes to see how they fit you, and how they feel. Don't go just on initial looks alone, take your time to check out what's available. Test ride a heap of them if possible. And work out whether you want new or used, pros and cons for both.

    You should be able to get basic unmarked fluoro vets from the likes of Bunnings or Officeworks etc for less than $10....?
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  3. Rum.. What an awesome word.

    Anyways...welcome to NR.

  4. Welcome to NR,m good choice of bike (biased) and you can generally get a zip up hi-vis from any workwear shop.
  5. Welcome nedrumnedrum, it's a great bug t have been bitten by :cool:
  6. Welcome to NR, not sure on the requirements of the vest but can get them pretty cheap at a safety shop or hardware like other suggested. Have fun choosing a bike and riding!
  7. Welcome nedrumnedrum !
    It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

    The first one to hurt will be your cheeks from smiling,
    Followed closely by your hip pocket! Lol

    Have fun & good luck!
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  8. welcome aboard :)
  9. Welcome Nedrum, great choice of bike :)
    What year you looking at buying?
  10. I actually spent the weekend sitting on a bunch of bikes. I'm 6ft 120kg, if that makes a difference. Tried the following, although yet to test ride:

    Yamaha MT-07: Hugging the bike leads to my thighs sitting uncomfortably against the fuel tank. I'm still going to test ride this one as it looks awesome and it may have been (hopefully) all in my mind :)
    Kawasaki Ninja 650: Not sure what it is about the look, but it's just not my jam
    Triumph Street Triple 660: Looked so good, but the width off the fuel tank may be an issue and the cost is a bit much. Might need to start doing yoga.
    Honda CB500F: I also like the look of this, but found myself stretching to reach ever so slightly the handlebars. Maybe I have short arms for my height.
    Honda CBR500R: Most comfortable seating position for my current dimensions.

    I reckon it's between the Hondas and the Yammy. About $2.5k diff between second hand versions of each, but I figure I'm going to be riding this first bike for a few years so best to just pick the one i like the most.

    Edit: oh, and looking at something from the 2013 onwards, although I've just started researching so that might change!
  11. Just throwing this in the mix considering your body size, have you thought about an ADV/Tourer like a 650 VStrom LAMS or similar?
  12. ahhh...didn't even consider that bike, but just had a quick read and it looks like it would be really comfortable to ride. I'll go have a ride on the weekend. Thanks for the tip!
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  13. Welcome to the forum mate - and a lifetime of addiction to things two wheeled!