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newbie from melb!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cruiser09, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. hi, my names rob and i reside in the bayside suburbs, i recently purchased a new suzuki c50 boulavard after 10 years away from riding.
    my previous bike was a new 99' cbr fireblade, i smashed it good and proper and was hospitalised for 12mnths, now im a little older and wiser iv purchased a cruiser.
    the modifacation bug has been with me the whole time as i have also a 1967 mustang.
    i hope to meet like minded people to go on cruises and share some advice.
    cheeers rob

  2. Welcome Rob!
    Glad to hear you made it back on 2 wheels.

    I'm bayside too - happy to come cruisin' with ya!
  3. welcome back to riding mate
  4. Hi and welcome....
    Must take a lot of courage to come back after something like that so good onya ;)
  5. You must love riding to come back to it after that accident, but then I guess once you ride, its in your blood, what can you do!
  6. Hi Rob. Welcome to NR.