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Newbie from Melb SE

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Liryc, Oct 15, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    I've been reading these forums and just joined NR couple of weeks ago, thought it's time to say Hi now that i've fixed up my first bike.

    I live in the Clayton area. I am hoping to join the coffee nights, mentoring runs and charity(?) runs (pink ribbon etc) one of these days.

    See you all soon!!

  2. Hi C, welcome to NR. Has anyone ever told you you look a lot like Mr Bean? :p :LOL:
  3. Welcome Liryc!!! :D
  4. Do I? Naahhhh. Nowhere near.

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  5. Welcome aboard.. :grin:
  6. ^ wot 'e said :)
  7. Nice to see more people joining like me. Gives me the courage
  8. Always a pleasure to have new members on board. Welcome!
  9. Welcome Liryc! Come along to a coffee night and you'll meet a few of us :wink:
  10. Welcome Liryc!!
    ^ ^
  11. Hey Liryc,
    I know this thread is old, but i just saw your location and thought i'd say hi.
    I joined about a month ago, and i'm also located in clayton, in Myriong St, just near the princes hwy/dandy rd intersection. Have'nt got a bike yet, but i'm prob gonna pick up a CBR250RR this week or next.
    So keep an eye out, we'll prob see each other around.

    Also, was that you riding around the block with a pillion just the other evening? Didn't get a good look at the bike (was definately a cibby), might have been reddish?

    Anyway it's good to know there's another rider locally :grin:
  12. hi and welcome
    hubby works in oakleigh south area so not far from where u are
  13. ohhh and he has a L plate so makes it even easier to spot.but end of month he should get going for his P's

    we are actually located near dandenong( keysborough) if u know it not a lot of people do though lol :p
  14. hiya and welcome :p