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Newbie from Keysy S.E burbs

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by chopobo, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    My name is Lawrence and I recently got my Learner's two weeks ago at Ridetek Sandown.

    A week before that I spontaeneously bought a 1990 green Kawasaki zx2r and was practicing on "private" roads before I went for the test.

    Went for a ZX2R because they seem to be similar to the CBRs but are less common and have adjustable suspension features.

    The bike itself is pretty much stock except for a muffler which from what I can tell is a Beet Racing Nassert branded muffler. I believe its from Japan. Quite noisy but sounds pretty good on full song. :D

    So far I've been commuting daily Mon-Fri on the bike to the city and I'm loving it. I usually take Princes Hwy or the M1 depending on my mood in the morning(I find both take roughly the same time, except Princes gives my wrists a rest at the lights). So if you see me, give me a holler.

    Since owning the bike, she has had a few little problems here and there. I took it to Mad Biker, after alot of research on these forums. Had the coolant flushed out, changed radiator cap, inspected etc. Just changed the oil yesterday using Castrol Delo 400. Happy to say there is definite improvement, she idles better now, gear selection is not as jerky, less overheating. Also scrubbed clean the chain with petrol as it was black with filth.

    Looking forward to meeting some of you guys at the learner events and cruises. Hopefully can pick up some tips for the future P's test.

    Heres some attached pics.

    {no there isn't. Try again at an appropriate size, or don't bother}
  2. Welcome to Netrider :)

    One thing; can you resize and repost the pictures, we generally like them to be 1024x768 maximum, cos not everybody has super-dooper widescreen monitors :)?
  3. Yes what hornet said.
  4. geez bloke, massive pics, welcome in :)
  5. lol sorry bout that guys, didnt know there would be that big.
  6. don't bother apologising, I've deleted them

    If you want them to be displayed, please have the good manners to comply with my and other people's reasonable request and repost them in an appropriate size.
  7. Welcome to Netrider. Safe riding.
  8. Christ, and you wonder why people don't hang around.

    Chopobo made an innocent mistake and because he didn't fix it as quick as you would have liked, you get on your moderator high horse, delete his pics and leave a snide remark in his opening post and then rebuke his apology.

    Way to attract and keep new members, eh?

    PS. Welcome to Netrider, Chopobo!
  9. I suggest YOU get off YOUR high horse and keep up with the game. If there was opportunity to post an apology, then there was also opportunity to comply with my reasonable request that the pics be resized. I only deleted them from the original post when an apology was posted with no action on resizing them. I also suggested that they could be re-posted according to our usual conventions, and I would welcome that happening....
  10. I agree with Snoof..
    Sheesh Hornet, relax the cacks, a tad harsh you were...

    Welcome Chopobo....Its an initiation process, ride the wave and you will meet a few nice people with a heap of stuff to tell you ;)
  11. G'day and welcome to Netrider Chopobo!

    Please look upon NR as somewhat of a family and like all families one that has it's squabbles. Uncle Hornet can be a little gruff when he gets a stone in his slipper and that's what your original pics were with their excess size. As he said, feel free to re-post once they're a smaller size and should you need help you'll have noticed that the rest of the family are only too willing to offer their assistance, sometimes hastily so and before they've looked closely at the timestamps ;). All you need to do is ask nicely.

    Cheers & Enjoy your time on your ride and Netrider.
  12. :) Welcome Chopobo.
  13. Nice to meet you all.

    Look its no biggie, its just gonna slide off my shoulder.

    Look forward to seeing some of you Vic people at the meets.
  14. Hi chopobo and welcome to NR.
  15. Hi Chopobo,

    Like you I live just off Springvale South. I'm in the middle of selling my bike so no ride for me until I buy a big one.

    I too was also looking at the ZX2R 12 months ago.. but didn't get one so never knew how they rolled.
  16. Hi Phase,

    Nice to meet someone close by home.
    What did you ride?

    ZX2R is a pretty revvy bike. But I can't really compare it to much as I haven't ridden much other bikes. I would say it's very similar to a CBR250RR.

    But being a 250, I'm always losing to the torque of the 600cc+ bikes lol.
    Have to wring the crap out of it just to keep pace.

    One good thing about a green bike, its very highly visible, and motorists see you coming and leave you good room.
  17. Welcome Chopobo,

    So when are you coming to a Tuesday Night Learner Ride.

    Don't worry about Hornet, he is normally the best of blokes and generally very 'forgiving'. We're a good crew to ride with.

    If wanting to do TNLR tomorrow, let me know and we'll meet up for the ride in.
  18. Chopobo I was riding a yellow VTR250, I'm sure a lot of the folks at the mystery rides would know. Like you, I haven't ridden many other bikes to compare, but the VTR250 was a relatively linear-power bike that was really good to learn on. It's not "fast" but had a bit of giddy up on corners that you can full throttle it (that's the fun part about learner bikes?) without throwing you over. That being said, ZX2R definitely be probably one of the faster 250's out there.

    I'm still deciding what to get for my next bike, whether to go Japanese inline4, or stay with L-twin-bikes like Ducati Monsters (696+).