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newbie from hippo and quick blat

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by quik blat, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. hi 'm Noah and while I'm not yet a paid up member I have been told I need to be part of this wonderful family.
    some of you may already know that Hippo gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on the 17th of this month.
    Both mum and baby are doing well and Hippo is looking forward to being able to get on a bike as soon as possible.
    If any one has a Ural outfit they are thinking of selling I might be tempted :cool:

  2. Well shit. I had no idea! Congratulations guys, and g'day young man.
  3. Congrats guys.

    I can laugh, mine are all grown up & I know what you're in for :LOL:

    Seriously, enjoy every minute, they pass too quickly.
  4. Well he is sleeping ok at the moment but I would like him to have his own bike.
    and he is not a girl so robin won't keep hassleing me to go out :grin:
  5. Holly crap, I had NOOO idea.

    Little hippo preggers?!?! Got any pics... I find that almost hard to imagine!!

    Congratulations guys!!
  6. Belated congratulations guys - didn't think it was too long away last time we met :grin: Hope the dogs not feeling too left out :)
  7. Wow.

  8. OI! :p

    congratulations mate, enjoy every moment :)
  9. Congratulations Chris, Hippo (err, I forget your real handle) and of course little Noah.

    It seems this liaison was a well kept secret Chris, although you mentioned it last time I saw you. Now the word is out! I hope the future is bright for all of you.

    PS: Get along to the new Tuesday night coffee venue!
  10. Welcome and congrats !
  11. Thanks Guys and girls
    Will try to get to coffee soon probably tuesday week.
    we had to keep a bit quiet so Hippo could keep rideing.
    and a Pic to keep you happy.
    And yes Rob he is learning Bass guitar as of now :cool: