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Newbie From Gosford

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by hawkthorn, May 20, 2012.

  1. Hello Netriders!

    I just passed my pre learner riding course thursday, booked my knowledge test for Tuesday and I figured I better get serious about researching which bike to buy. 15 minutes of googling later, here I am.

    Lacking any prior riding experience, the bike I'm considering is the kawasaki ninja 250r. I'm far from fixated on this and welcome advice.

    Ever since I've started to think about getting a bike I've noticed a hell of a lot more of them around. Makes me think that spending a few hours on one should be a compulsory part of getting your drivers license.
  2. Welcome to Netrider, and enjoy your research
  3. Welcome Hawkthorn, How tall are you, what sort of riding do you intend to do, commuting, touring, weekend fun. etc etc. What has attracted you about the Ninja 250R?

    They are a capable bike and very popular but we need to know a bit more before we can advise on alternatives. ;)
  4. I'm a tad over 6 foot, and the riding I'll be doing will be a daily commute of about 20ks each way, along with the occasional spot of weekend fun.

    As to what attracted me to the ninja, Essentially it came up in a lot of threads where good learner bikes were mentioned, and of those frequently mentioned bikes, I found it the prettiest ;)
  5. Fair enough so you like fully faired bikes, have you sat on one to see if you can get comfortable? I would suggest you go to one of the Homebush Saturday Learner sessions to have a look at what bikes people have and a chat to them. I know it is a bit of a hike from Gosford. Worth doing before you decide.

    A 250 is good for commuting, nimble in traffic. You can have a lot of fun on one. You will probably get urged to choose a larger LAMS bike, but its up to you. If you are solid to go along with your 6ft frame then you may be appreciative of the extra power of a larger LAMS bike. If you are light framed then a small narrow bike will teach you a lot about shifting your weight around when cornering.

    List of Learner Approved Motorcycles NSW
  6. Get a VTR, I haven't seen any on the coast yet!

    Edit: Apart from admiring my reflection of course..
  7. I'm pretty damn skinny, I weigh about 70kg.
    Honestly, I think for me the hard part is going to be finding a bike I don't like. I keep looking at classifieds and falling in love.
  8. So I passed my Ls today, and promptly walked through about 4 dealerships sitting on LAMS bikes.

    Goddamn that was fun.

    A lot of the bikes felt a little too tall to me, i.e., in the ready position my left foot had a bit too much tension on it to be really comfortable. Presumably this would be alleviated by actual riding boots, with a thicker sole, rather than the thin soled walking shoes I was wearing.

    The Ninja 250 felt really damn comfortable. Don't really want to get a new bike for my first, so I'm off to troll used bike ads for a Ninja nearby ;).
  9. :) You seem convinced on the Ninja then. I am surprised you are finding bikes too tall for you with your height. A bike boot does not necessarily have a thicker sole, they are not designed for walking around. They are designed to protect heels, shins, ankles etc. Try some gear out as well.
  10. My 2009 Ninja 250 will be delivered wednesday following a tire change and service. Spent a great deal of time here reading the used bike guides which helped a great deal.

    Time to spend a great deal of time reading the gear guides =D
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  11. Congratulations: Weather should be OK for Wednesday. Careful of new tyres they can be a bit slippery. Better get a hustle on for the gear then. :)

    Wednesday 30 May

    Min 9
    Max 19
    Possible shower.

    Central Coast area

    Partly cloudy. The chance of showers. Winds south to southwesterly 15 to 20 km/h tending south to southeasterly 15 to 25 km/h during the morning.
  12. Welcome hawkthorn and congrats on the Ninja.

    There's a few NRs up this way. Maybe someone should organise a ride at some stage?

    It has been known for the Homebush learners to relocate to Terrigal for a one off session. If you are interested I'd be happy to help coordinate when you get closer to doing the Ps test.
  13. Sounds great. It'll be a while =D
  14. So it turns out that transfer of the bike was delayed until tuesday, since the garage didn't have the appropriate brake pads in stock >_<.

    However, it eventually arrived, as pretty as I remembered it. Unfortunately, It's arrival was heralded by freezing winds and icy rain, so I haven't had an opportunity to ride it until today.

    I just got back from practising my slow manoeuvring and my braking in a nearby carpark. Holy hell do I love my motorcycle.
  15. Good stuff.

    I'm guessing you got yours delivered in a truck.

    I'm going down to pick up a new second hand bike from Procycles Hornsby tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

    BTW, where did you find to practice?