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Newbie from Gippsland

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Brionnach, Oct 13, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    My name is Andrea and I have recently got my Learner's and bought my first bike, a 2001 Virago XV250, along with my friend Trace who also bought a Virago. They are great little bikes and I agree with all those who have said that they are one of the best to learn on.

    I live in the foothills of the southern part of LaTrobe Valley, where there are just sooo many fun and twisty roads to ride. I've done 1000kms+ in the first couple of months (just weekend riding so far), but I might start riding to work before long (20 km run into Churchill).

    Buying a bike has been one of the best things I've ever done and I'm now hoping to start meeting some fellow bikers and maybe even make some new friends. I am now hoping to start getting out on some of the newbie/learner rides (like the Twisties ride next weekend).

    Look forward to meeting some of you on the forums and on the roads.

  2. G'day and welcome :)
    What a great place for a bike, the twisties up to Mirboo are some sweet stretch of road...and so much more around Boolara.
    Keep an eye on the "rides"-section (events calender), sooner or later there'll be another ride posted that leads past your front door.
  3. Thanks for the welcome glitch.

    The road from Boolarra to Mirboo North is literally in view of my front window, only a few hundred metres away. That road is awesome by bike, car, whatever, not to mention the brewery at the other end ;-) The rail trail that runs beside it is a great walk/bicycle ride too.

  4. Mmmmmm Boolarra

    Rode through there a few weeks back on the way to Dargo. (Yes, for some, Mirboo Nth is on the way from Melbourne to Dargo).

    Plan on getting up there on Saturday. While just about every other bike in the district is parked at the Island, I'll be swinging through those glorious hills.

    I don't think I could survive living at Boolarra if I had to head up toward Churchill every day...... The road to Mirboo Nth and that longer one that loops back to the south are just too inviting. I'd be late most days.
  5. Welcome to the maddest kingdom in the Universe!! If you're halfway crazy, you'll fit right in!
    Sounds like you might get some visitors, too, those roads sound great!
  6. Hi moike,

    I don't blame you riding back through Mirboo North. The Princes Fwy might be quick but it's just waaaay too boring.

    I'm riding out to Somerville tomorrow and will be staying the night, but will be heading back to Boolarra through Mirboo North. Who knows, maybe we'll pass each other!

    And Boolarra to Churchill? A quick 15 minute trip. I used to work in Melbourne CBD while living in Murrumbeena 12 kms down the road, and that trip took me an hour! Big difference :)

  7. Hi hornet,

    Thanks for the welcome :)

    I've seen a few bikes on the roads around these parts. Sounds like a few might have been netriders.

  8. Hey Brionnach Welcome...

    If I'm on my best behaviour I'l get to ride my own bike to Mirboo Nrth on Saturday as well.

    Can I come Moike? :)
  9. Of course.

    I need someone to talk to while Marty gets his helmet on.....
  10. Welcome Andrea,

    I'm over at Tanjil South and always take the long way too! Do you want to go the twistie way, or the twistier way?:D

    Welcome to the forums and maybe we could meet up some time.
  11. Hi cruisingal,

    Thanks for the welcome :)

    I don't know yet. I was thinking of taking a back way up to Launching Place coming in from south of the Danenongs (ie. Pakenham), then from Noojee I would go back through Moe. I'll see what happens.

    I was up near Tanjil South a couple of weeks ago. Trace and I rode to Mirboo North, through Thorpy and Traf., on up to Blue Rock (where we had lunch), then back through Moe, Yallourn North, Tyers and back down to Boolarra. That was a good ride, especially the twisties on the way to Thorpy. A beautiful day =D

  12. What's the meet point? I'm in :)