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Newbie from East Gippy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by joeby, Feb 20, 2011.

  1. Hey guys, thought I should say g'day as have been loving the forums and info here. Im 34 and although I rode dirt bikes on a farm as a kid I was still quite noob and its now 20 years later! Have found the weath of info here really inspiring and informative so have the nod from the mrs, booked my L's for next week and trying to save some dollars for gear and a suitable lams road bike to get me started, maybe gs500, cb400 or similar at this stage. Looking forward to getting back on a bike! (y)

  2. Hi joeby and welcome to Netrider mate. You'll find many here who currently own/ride either of the 2 popular bikes you've mentioned, so help with any of your related future questions is 'on tap' here (y)
  3. how east gippy are you? i'm from sale :D

    dargo road is a great road to go for quiet twisties.
  4. Welcome to NR :D
  5. Thanks all. Ah Jimmy yes my mate has told me about Dargo Rd - will definatley get there at some stage its meant to be stunning. Currently living in LE but moving closer to Bairnsdale in about a month. Cant wait to hit Great Alpine Rd soon.
  6. Hi joeby and welcome to NR
  7. Hi joeby, welcome mate. CB400 is a great bike, but I've heard that the GS500 is too. Pretty sure they'd both satisfy your needs.
  8. its a nice ride, i did it today.

    licola road is also not a bad ride, but a fair bit more challenging.
  9. Thanks for the reassurance folks, seems both are ripper bikes for lams folks from what ive read here and Im 6"2 110k so I think they will both suit?

    Licoloa - Thats funny Jimmy as I just got back from Licola camp week before last. Hope you didnt encounter any log trucks as one almost took us out on a corner! :nopity:

    Yeah Great Alpine Rd is going to be my stomping ground - driving up that road basically is what convinced me that Id be silly to live on a road like that and not get a bike! I have a guy giving me a few riding tips tomorrow night and go for L's on Sat - cant wait. \\:D/
  10. yeah the log trucks can be an issue, as the road is very narrow in spots. they cant stay in their lane sometimes because the rock faces stick out too much.