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Newbie from Dub-Vegas

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by GeeJayEmm, May 9, 2008.

  1. Gday to all on the netrider network, this is my first post after joining this week. I have been cruising the forums for about 6 months, since I decided to get back into riding after a 30 odd year break!!.
    Netrider has been a great resource to me getting back on the bike, getting up to date with technique , issues and tech stuff. I figured I should pay my dues and sign on, so here I am.
    My name is Greg and I have the privilege of living in the city of Dubbo in western NSW, a not nearly fit 51 year old who has unloaded 2/3 of our kids. In Feb I bit the bullet and bought a Zook GS500f from my local dealer, after extensive research through the forums and elsewhere. My logic being that I wanted the extra grunt and upright riding position of the GS and that it would serve me through my Ls and pillion prohibited period and maybe , just maybe get mother interested in a bit of touring later on.Loving the sensation of riding once more and loving the GS. Thanks to all the willing contributors to the forums who inform those who seek some guidance.

  2. Hey Greg.
    Good to see someone from Dubbo. Hopefully I'll be heading there before the end of the year... just waiting for the transfer opportunity with work.
  3. Go the Monster

    Gday monster, Head west young man , you won't regret it. Open space and plenty of it. A good community of riders in the town. :grin:
  4. Welcome to netrider.

    I don't know how you stopped riding once you experienced it!

    It warms our hearts to hear encouraging stories like yours of people who know what they enjoy and come back to enjoy it.

    Ride safe.
  5. Re: Go the Monster

    Yeah, I'm so looking forward to getting out of Sydney. Been here 20 odd years, hated it that long too! The only thing that's kept me here has been work, but now I get a chance to transfer to the country. 'Bout time.