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Newbie from Darwin, NT

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by kate, May 1, 2016.

  1. I am a newbie to the biking world, having done a few training courses over the past several months and I'm hooked! For me, the attraction is not just the insane thrill of riding, I also love learning about the technical aspects of riding too.

    I am here because I want to start riding with good habits, a good attitude and to build skills and awareness to make me a risk-averse rider. I cannot believe the stupidity, ignorance and danger that I witness from some people on the road every day and I don't want to be an accident waiting to happen!

    I also want to develop some more technical knowledge and skills which will help when I come to own and maintain a motorbike. I don't own my own bike yet, but I'm working on that!

    I honestly have no idea of where to start, but I am keen to learn as much as I can and this place seems like a great way to tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience.
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  2. Welcome to the forum and a lifetime of addiction to two wheels!

    There's a ton of good information on here if you know where to look. Try looking in the new rider and riding tips section - there's a series of good threads (search noob 101) to get you started.

    Best part is it's so much fun learning all this! Good luck
  3. Hi katekate, and welcome to NR. Sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders. Not forget to have fun in the process! I bet you are glad the wet is over. I hear it was a killer this year.
  4. G'day and welcome, KateKate. Any ideas about the sort of bike or type of riding (commuting, touring, etc.) you'd like to do?
  5. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  6. Thanks GeorgeO and all for the warm welcome! Great tip to check out the new rider threads. I've been lurking on the forum all morning!
  7. Hello and thanks for the reply. I have tried a few entry level bikes, with the Honda R250 being my favourite so far but did feel a tad gutless a higher speeds and acceleration. Nevertheless, I am definitely gravitating towards a road bike, but am not opposed to a cruiser. I can't say I am sold on a sports or racing bike, even though the Kawa Ninja 250 or KTM Duke 390 seem to be popular suggestions whenever I mention I want something powerful and fun. Mainly, I am looking to buy a versatile bike that I will want to continue to ride post-LAMS and have for years to come. It seems to be a popular approach for newbies to buy a dirt cheap first bike and thrash it to an inch of its life before upgrading a few years down the track, but I honestly want something that I will be proud to own and maintain for many years down the track.

    I suppose I see my first bike as something that will play a big part in my formative years of biking. I want something that I will be able to use as my starting point for developing more advanced skills.

    I plan to ride for the daily commute but also some longer tours on weekends, maybe working up to multi-day tours and longer camping trips. There are so many wonderful spots in the NT that would be great to experience on a bike throughout the dry season.

    I am lurking on the newbie forum and will probably post my thoughts on my first bike there.
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  8. I'd bet there is too. I've read quite a few ADV-style ride reports from the NT and it looks awesome. If you're taking to the open road with some luggage, a larger displacement engine is going to may be the way to go - my highway commute figured highly in my decision to buy a bigger first bike. Having said that, there are recent and epic ride reports from forum members ValvolineValvoline who has ridden her KTM Duke 390 around the south east of the country between Brisbane and Adelaide and sjmhosjmho who rode his Yamaha XT250 up and down the coast and interior of the eastern side of Australia.

    It sounds like you're approaching it all in an excellent, analytical way so you should do well whatever bike you decide on. Keep us updated on the process!
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  9. Weeeeeelcome katekate !

    I agree with GoldenberriGoldenberri - you are approaching it with the right attitude and therefore you're more likely to stay upright! lol

    Keep researching. Get other opinions, but let your bum decide on which bike at the end of the day. Try as many as you can, sit on as many as you can, test ride as may as you can. :D. Your first one, you will bond with but although many have the same wishes to stay with the 1st one for a looooong time, they soon realise the 1st one was a great intro but will need to move on to more uummph soon after that ;) Having said that - I've also ridden the Yamaha MT-07 and this is got a bit more guts than the KTM 390 having a bigger motor. Although it is a bit bigger and heavier and doesn't dance around tight twisties as well as the KTM 390 or the Hondas 400s or 500 series.

    Although I can get any bike I want since I have my open licence I stuck with the LAMS approved KTM 390 due to my lack of height and ridging style I wanted - I wanted long term touring which this bike gives me a nice 'upright' position which is more comfy over many hours on the saddle a day. It also have kinda enough power up hills and can take highways ok. It's light enough for me to pick up off the ground on my own in case I drop it (if Im in the middle of no where to get help) and I knew this bike can be taken a little off-road better than sports bikes.

    Up in Darwin I can't remember there being that many twisty roads so a tourer/Harley style/cruiser may be more comfy. But again see what you like the best.

    Also for your 1st bike you'll make mistakes and most likely drop it at some point - for my 1st one I got 2nd hand with low Km's (or go a demo to decrease cost) cause when you drop it, it wont hurt your pocket at much :rolleyes:

    Always ask Q's and see if you can find yourself a riding posse to get tips & training from :cool: Good luck chica!
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  10. welcome aboard :)
  11. Sue rides a Harley and lives just out of Darwin, She would be a great mentor for you, They meet up just down the track at the pub there on the weekends,
    Drop in and say hello,
  12. Hi. I live in Darwin too. If you need anything, just shout.
  13. Hey FoolChemistryFoolChemistry and welcome to Netrider!! What are you currently riding and would I have seen you around Darwin at any stage? I'm pretty sure I'm the only girl on a red ninja300 around town, so you might've seen me out and about.
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  14. Hi katekate. I am new in Netrider and new in Darwin too, but not new to this 2 wheels word. I ride a GSX650F.
    Unfortunately I haven't seen you around yet. I girl in a red Ninja would catch my attention.
    I am using my bike mostly to commute (Northern suburbs to CBD) when I'm too lazy to cycle.
    Would be nice to get into some hwy rides with the GSX sometimes.

    See you around. Ride safe!!!
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  15. gday katekate and welcome to NR - I know you've been here a while already and I love the posted pics of your red rocket, I just wanted to post my official welcome as I cannot believe I hadn't welcomed you when you first joined up.

    anyway, you're part of the furniture now.

    tell us - is this community what you expected when you joined up?
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  16. I'll keep an eye out for you! I'm up for a highway run or two, just give me a holler! My regular weekend faves are Mandorah and/or Dundee Beach. Lately I've been attempting to go for the trifecta and do Mandorah, Dundee and Channel island all over the course of a morning, but still working on achieving that goal! I really like the Bark Hutt and Adelaide River lunch runs too. I'll probably extend on that and do the Darwin-Jabiru-Pine Creek loop at some stage soon - my L plates should be gone by next week so naturally I'll be celebrating by riding until my heart's content! My biggest highlight so far was three nights camping and riding from Darwin to Daly River, then down through Katherine to Mataranka. I'm hoping to make it further south to Gregory National park next time... Oh and Kununurra, definitely planning that one and some stage soon - so excited for that!! I'm avoiding Litchfield as school holidays are around the corner - stay away during school holidays!!!!

    Anywho, feel free to give me a bell!
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  17. Everything seems to be coming along nicely katekate :)
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  18. #19 kate, Sep 26, 2016
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2016
    Hey chilliman64chilliman64 and thanks for the official welcome! Hehe, yep it feels like I've been here a while, but it's really not that long at all! I can't believe i'm booking in for my 6000km service already!

    Hmm, no one has asked me that before... I guess I didn't have any major expectations when I joined. I was the little lost lamb with a thirst for learning as much as I could in the shortest amount of time, but I didn't know many people who owned bikes and happened to stumble upon this lovely patch of the internet and thought, "this seems helpful, why not join up"... which is kind an impulsive move on my part, since I don't even have a Facebook account and refuse to engage in most forms of social media. Lol, don't get me started! There must have been something in the universe that just compelled me to join!

    I lurked around for a bit before working up the courage to interact on the forums. I remember scouring over every last one of ValvolineValvoline's blog posts while she was on her big trip. I soaked up every last word of those blogs. It was so amazing and empowering, not to mention downright cool to see this awesome biker chick taking on this gigantic trip on her own and doing it with such positivity and fervour. I think that was the key that made me realise, "that could be me, what am I waiting for?" so my little idea of learning to ride and thinking about "maybe" buying a bike "some day" in the future became my decidedly well documented quest for a learner bike! And what fun that was! Posting up all of my thoughts after test rides and reading back all the comments and suggestions was half the fun of the process! It felt like I had my own little cheer squad that wanted me to succeed in my quest! And succeed I did - I couldn't be happier with my ninja! Every time I take her for a ride I feel so much joy and accomplishment at what I conquered! I don't think I would have gone through that process alone were it not for my faithful band of netties behind me!

    The biggest realisation I had was after I had connected with a few netriders and met up in person - the people and friends I have met, whether in person or online, are the best part of the experience. ThoseI have met, and many of whom I only know through the online world, genuinely want me to succeed in finding joy on two wheels. I think ValvolineValvoline was the first nettie I caught up with in person. She spent a whole day with me in Melbourne helping me to pick out my riding gear and talk through bike options. She dedicated so much of her own time to helping me be ready to ride. On that same visit I caught up with sjmhosjmho, who I also knew of thanks to his glorious photographic abilities, coupled with his phenomenal riding adventures! I remember Valvoline had described him as "the embodiment of adventure". Checking out his sticker-clad XT250 masterpiece on the cold, wet streets of Melbourne, I realised that it didn't matter too much what bike I ended up choosing. I was enjoying the process so much, meeting some incredible people and as long as I was on two wheels, the possibilities were endless. Soon after I met EricEric, who played a big role in my approach to entering life on two wheels. Eric spoke so knowledgeably and passionately about riding, I wish that I can have just a quarter of that knowledge and experience in my lifetime! He made me realise that I don't need to set my sights on a giant beast of a bike to get out there and have fun, but that I could achieve my aim of becoming a good rider more effectively if I started on something small. I have Eric to thank for giving me the little nudge I needed to end up with the ninja 300. I couldn't be happier in my choice.... and I think about Eric's gentle words every time I get stuck in a sticky situation, "boy was EricEric right!" I'll think to myself. Pulling up on a slippery road, getting my bike stuck on a sandy patch of an unsealed road, trying to navigate my way out of a campsite with an extra 15kg of luggage, dropping my bike half way through figure 8 practice - these were all necessary learning experiences and part of the adventure, I'm just glad I'm learning these lessons on a 165kg bike that just looks at me with it's cute beady little headlights as if to say "girl, you totally got this!"

    When I finally purchased my bike and rode it home for the first time I was so excited to post about it on NR. I was totally thrilled and overwhelmed by all the positive comments and compliments that came flooding in. Then as I posted up photos from more rides, more encouragement, more people being genuinely interested in knowing more about my adventures. By far what has made my journey worth it is all of the amazing and cool people I have met. That statement is a big deal coming from a self proclaimed introvert that usually despises interacting with people! I have so many new friends from all walks of life, not just in NT but all around the country. I used to have a pretty stereotypical view of bikers - I think a lot of people still do, but I have to say that the riders I interact with have been the most accepting, encouraging and positive people I have met - and who doesn't want that in their life!!?
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  19. chilliman64chilliman64 ... Isn't she just a doll!? :D

    katekate - cheers lovely, but all I did was give u a lit match to your bike passion and you've done the rest yourself! Hehehe you've been: Sucked in!! :hilarious::ROFLMAO::LOL:
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