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Newbie from Country Victoria

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TJ1, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Hi All

    Thought I had better come here and say hi, I'm based in Bendigo, Victoria, ride a Suzuki 1250S K8 Bandit, which I bought not more than 2 months ago.

    Starting to make a couple of Mods to the Bandit to make it more personalised, like a 380mm stainless oval can from Beowulf performance products in the UK.

    Hope to join in on a few rides in the future and meet some more like minded people.

  2. Hey TJ, welcome to NR! :grin:

    Plenty of helpful info to be found here, there's even a mods section! :cool:
  3. Hi and welcome to NR.

    There are a few Netriders up Bendigo way. Perhaps you need to run a regular coffee night.
  4. Wouldnt be a bad idea, always looking for new ride buddies, thanks for the welcome! :grin:
  5. Welcome aboard mate!!
    Nice choice in bike too
  6. Thanks VCM!!! The Hornet's not a bad machine either!! :grin:
  7. G'day and welcome.
    Post a pic of the new can when its fitted please :)
    The first mod you should be doing as a "rural" rider is fitting a radiator guard. Don't say you weren't warned......
    The second mod should be to flog the guts out of the OEM tyres (6,000km) and fit Pilot Road 2's.

    The chain tension specs in the book are to tight too.
  8. Hey. I only just saw the post. Welcome and maybe i will catch you in town for a burn soon.
  9. Hi Mate, have just added pics of the can to my garage photos, tell me what you think! :grin:
  10. Yeah not to bad mate. Any idea on what they're packed with and how long it lasts. I would still like a CF can but I could buy 2 of yours for the price :eek:
  11. Welcome aboard.......
  12. No idea on what they are packed with, but they offer a lifetime warranty so I thought I couldnt go wrong, they make CF cans also, I think from memory the CF cans were about 50 pounds more expensive (another $100AUD) they also make black stainless and titanium, and do them in a number of shapes and sizes.


    Go and check out the web site, their customer service was second to none, only taking 5 days for my can to arrive.

    also check youtube, type in Beowulf bandit, there is a vid on there of a guy changing the standard pipe for a stainless oval can, you can hear the difference between the two.

    let me know how you go :grin: