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Newbie from Central Victoria

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Trevor Petrie, Jan 12, 2015.

  1. Hi everyone, Trevor from Castlemaine, VIC here. I've been riding for a little while but I'm new to Netrider.
    I'd wanted to ride since I was a little tacker and finally bought a Honda CT 110 (Postie Bike) in 2007 which I stripped down, sprayed white and customised it in 2013 (removed the rear tray and crash guards, added chrome ape hangers, chrome mirrors, bullet indicators, custom exhaust). It was a great fun little bike to ride. After moving from Bendigo to Castlemaine I found I needed something bigger so I sold it and bought a Honda VT 250 Custom. Sadly it turns out the bike had been garaged for quite some time and I'm currently chasing the results of a rusty tank and dirty fuel in the hope of getting the bike running smoothly. I just had the tank reco'd and I'm now wondering if I should just drain the carbies or do a full pull down and clean?

  2. Howdy & Welcome to the forums!
  3. Thanks Jaytee :]
  4. Howdy Trevor Welcome.

    If the fuel line had an inline filter you will probably get away with replacing/cleaning the filter and perhaps drain the bowels. If not then try a drain and see how you go, if you get it running you may be able to pull any crud through.
  5. Hi Chris, Thankfully it does have an in-line filter, or rather it came with one on which I've replaced several times becaus
    Hi Chris, Thankfully it does have an in-line filter, or rather it came with one on it which I've since replaced several times now because they were so badly blocked. Thanks for the tips I'll give that a go!
  6. Welcome to the forum!
  7. Welcome to the forum, it's good to see another Castlemaniac on the boards :)