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Newbie from Canberra

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Takamii, Dec 10, 2009.

  1. Hello all I am a newbie from Canberra - new to bikes and new to the forum

    I look forward to reading the forums and learning a thing or two
  2. welcome bud
  3. thank you much appreciate the welcome
  4. Welcome, I'm new here too, and just got my Ls and first bike. What do you ride?
  5. 1999 Yamaha R1
  6. You can't be a newbie then? Must have been riding for at least 15 months and now off restrictions?
  7. Actually I didn't own a bike but had my license which I obtained by using a friends bike last year
  8. How much have you ridden since you got your licence? I'm guessing not much? Big jump from no bike to an R1! You're a brave man :)
  9. Welcome to NR !!

    +1 Drew

  10. I dont think one needs to be brave to do it - I think a person just has to be smart and realistic and objective.

    When I got my car licence back in the pre historic days my first car was a highly modified v8 monaro- so I guess that set a precedent for my vehicles

    I am mature age so I dont do stunts etc and dont race ( this is not a slur on any one younger as many younger riders are also very responsible) -- the power of the bike is very obvious to me so I just take it nice and easy because I do know I am mortal - and I never ride without full gear on -- my skin is worth too much and I would rather sweat out a few kg of water than risk it just wearing a tshirt and shorts.

    I like super sports bikes but at 187cm tall and 110kg -- I just dont see a 250cc or even a 600cc being able to pull me up a hill without struggleing.

    I had some guy try to "race" me on his circa 1999 Zx9 -- my reaction - I ignored him and let him speed off into the distance through the suburban streets --- about 5 minutes later I passed him as he was being booked by the police. ( and he was mature age not a young guy )

    My bike is for me to enjoy -- it is not there as a willing competitor for some fool who wants to race on surburban streets

  11. I like your quote about experience and luck VCM