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newbie from brissy

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by doogboy, Nov 11, 2007.

  1. hi guys im Will just bought a bike (sv 650s) thought id join an online community for some support ,had my last bike over 7 years ago zz600 sold it when my son was born needed 2 cars ,before that had a vf 500 and before that a gpz250

    im married to Linda have 1 son Elliott,i work as a postie have been for over 13 years so the last 7 years ive been kept sane by a ct110.

    happy to be back riding see you all around
  2. Welcome Doogboy! Always nice to meet another postie!

    Check the Qld ride calendar if you can get to Springfield next Sunday, meet some of us!
  3. No I'm not a postie, but I seem to meet al ot of them doing the refresher course at Pro Honda... and I used to date a posties son!!

    Do you get chased by magpies at the moment?
  4. Welcome to NR, mate. What area of Brissy are you in? I wave to every postie I see, so you might've been one of 'em.

    Be sure to check out the Christmas BBQ thread (see my sig line). Would be good way to meet a number of local NR members! :grin:

    (G'day, Linda & Elliot!)
  5. thanks for the welcome guys, im just about due another refreasher so i will have to keep an eye out for you , and yes the magpies are still out in full force even had a crow have a go at me the other day.

    we live at redbank plains , hoping to get to something soon ,i think the 9th is lindas work party so i will have to get back to you ,if i get my act together and get myself some new gear (helmut,gloves,etc) i might be up for a ride on sunday ,my old gear is pretty worn out!! & not very comfortable