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Newbie from Brissie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Gordonov, May 9, 2008.

  1. Hi guys, been lurking here for a few weeks now - seems like a pretty cool community, just thought I'd drop in, introduce myself and say hi!

    I can't post pics of my bike yet apparently until I have 5 posts :-(

    It's a Buell XB12S Lightning though, 2004 model :)

  2. Welcome, and nice bike (even without pics). There are a few of us from Brissie around here, and some of them have met others of them - I've only met a few 'cos I tend to be an unsociable sod. ;)
  3. ahhhh good to see a man with tastes.

    I got a xb9s 03"

    welcome along champ.
  4. Heh, thanks guys...it'd be better if it wasn't off the road at the moment though - engine cut out the other day and it wouldn't budge. Had to get it towed home, now it's waiting to go to Morgan & Whacker :-(.
  5. Hi, welcome! :grin:
  6. Ah, then it wasn't Gordonov this arvo. Might have been Razor I guess. A very nice Buell split past me, then I split up behind him to the lights and we took off side by side, and repeated a couple of times, through Toowong and along Coronation Drive at about 4:30 this arvo.
  7. Alas, nay...it could have been me, since I'm regularly around that area, but not this time :-(
  8. Sounds like a problem Pikey had from ABR (aussie buell riderz forum) had recently his xb12s just stopped dead and wouldnt move.

    Come over and have a look if ya like mate

    My user name is SPAWN on ABR


    Nah wasnt me either, was at work till 6pm.

    mines yellow btw.
  9. Sounds like an ebullient little community here <groan>

    Welcome to Netrider :)
  10. Ack, they're breeding!
  11. bravus was the buell orange.. a ulysses or otheer?
  12. Should'nt this be in Welcome lounge? MG, got one here for you to have a crack at, mate.
  13. I saw it already, too late after I already posted. I can delete the thread if anyone cares, or the admins can.
  14. Hiya,

    Left glove first

    Nod or don't nod, the world is ok with your choice, just don't sulk about others not nodding

    You're already on a big bike so let's assume you didn't burst into a ball of flames when you upgraded

    Leathers are better than synthetics - they just are!

    Red bikes do go faster

    Lane splitting is not illegal - but a million people will provide a million reasons not to

    "retuned for mid-range" is sales-talk for "we fcuked a good engine to help the sissys"

    I'm not trying to be a smartarse (much), just saving you the pain of reading 30 trillion pages of about a roughed-up deceased equine carcass.

    For God's sake - start a unique thread, we haven't had one nigh on since i was a lad :wink:
  15. hi n welcome

    post pics of ya bike :)