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Newbie from Brissie

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by iamahot1, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Hiya All

    I've just recently got my L plates and for the first time ever have started learning to ride a bike. I have a Suzuki Intruder 250 and my husband who is a licenced rider who has up to this point been teaching me. Can anyone who has done QRide tell me whether I would benefit more from doing the QRide to having my husband teach me how to ride. Is it easier to be passed as competent by QRide.

    Thanks Guys

  2. Getting between a lady and her husband to answer a question like this? You must think we're all crazy!! This is like that "does my bum look big in this??' question!!!!

    Seriously lots of people here say good things about QRide! :D
  3. hahaha
    I just cracked up. That was so funny. You must be male. But seriously do you think there is any advantage to learning with QRide? I only ask because I could save a decent amount of money by not using them

  4. I am male and I'm from New South, Michelle, so I can't help you with the specifics on QRide, I'll leave that to the many QLD Netriders, but your question tickled my funny-bone. For what it's worth, I taught my wife to ride and my daughter to drive, and they both still love me!
  5. Your answer tickled my funny bone too. I will still love my husband also no matter what. For what its worth he is an excellent rider and I have the utmost confidence in him but thanks for your input anyway
  6. definitely do Q-Ride! you'll pick up things he doesn't know plus theres a few things that were taught 10 years ago have changed. I'd advise Cycle Right on Rickettes rd. Friends for life and they won't set you up for the test unless they know you can do everything. $50 a lesson incl bike and gear hire. full day course is 275 and you don't have to wait for your learners time to be up. so you'll only be spending $50 a lesson to learn whatever your husband hasn't taught you.
    DEFINITELY worth it.
  7. Another option to the one not_sane mentioned is Ride Smart. Warren is a champ that will make sure you know what you are doing on a bike before he will let you anywhere near the road. He is very good at teaching techniques that I probably wouldn't have picked up.

    And the best thing is the price is fixed, I think it was about $550 when I went, and that's regardless of how many sessions it takes you. I managed to go from never even sitting on a bike to holding my full licence in 2 Saturdays. My Mum, Dad, Sister and Partner all went with them too. It took us varying lengths of times and my Sister and Partner only got their RE licences, but we were all very happy with the training we received.

    Check them out at http://www.ridesmart.com.au

  8. It's always better for a relationship to have someone else teach you. :LOL: :LOL:
  9. :LOL:

    And equally as important .. how can you be (or claim to be) a better rider than him if your only learning comes from him :LOL:
  10. I did Q ride

    I'll tell you why, i dropped my bike 5 days after getting it, and his response was to throw keith code's book down in front of me and say read it :(
  11. Hi michelle , welcome.
  12. You can't go past Qride when it comes to learning the basics of riding. Its well worth the money in my opinon. They cover a lot of what you need to know about general motorbike riding but its nothing like getting out on the open road and learning yourself.

    Qride should be the first step you take on the long road to becoming a safe and responsible motorcycle rider. (I'm not really either of those but I am trying! haha)
  13. I did QRide, I loved it. Did it with Stay Upright at the training center in Mt Cotton. Dave was my instructor, I think he did a pretty good job :)

    BTW, what's the Intruder like to ride?
  14. QRide

    Thanx guys
    Your input was much appreciated. I'm having my first 2hr QRide lesson next week so heres hoping I pick up some skills from that.
    I like riding the Intruder but never having ridden another bike I didnt have anything to compare it to until I got on my husbands Honda 1000. My bike now feels like a scooter compared to that.
  15. Hmm, was afraid you'd say that. Going by the state of my budget at the moment I think I'm going to have to get a 2nd hand 250 Virago for now, and then maybe in a year or so upgrade to what I really want to get. After riding the 650 at QRide, and the Honda 750 Shadow yesterday, the 250 feels like a toy to sit on :(

    Oh well, start somewhere I suppose...
  16. Hi Michelle,

    i think you've made the right decision by doing the QRIDE. I did it a couple of months ago also with Warren at Ride Smart and found it very helpful. Right now I am a newby rider and feel I am gaining experience every day I'm out there.

    Good Luck!
  17. I did Q-Ride. My partner is an experienced rider, but has no patience. In the end the better option was to do Q-Ride. After I got my licence, my partner gave me lots of tips to save me learning the hard way. Getting your license is the first step, but as you will find out, there is alot more to learn when you get out on the road, but it is all worth it. Goodluck.

  18. Hey i'm just woundering with qride i have to oportunity to do it where i live buts they charge by per lesson and then $180 for the qride assesment.

    But the other place i looked at was Cycle Right on brissy's south side which is a one bulk payment of $675 and thats with 21 hours of training.

    Would their be any benefit to either? As one seams like a course the other just lessons.

    Would i learn more stuff in the course?
  19. mickeym: stay upright run a 2 day course (inc assessment) for $480. That's 12 hours of training.

    I think Noyse also ran a course, something like $675 or something for as many lessons as you need to get your licence.

    2 of my friends did it at ProHonda at Rocklea, I think it's $250 per day.
  20. howdy, thats where i got mine. and you'll see me down there a couple of days a week.

    if you do it there you'll have friends for life.

    apart from that.

    you can do it so you have lessons then the day. i've never heard of them doing the package but i've never asked.

    its $50 per lesson, inc gear and bike hire. test day is $275, they won't set you up for the test day until they think your ready so you won't have to pay it twice.

    I'd never ridden a bike on road before and the only thing i had ridden was a postie bike for 10 mins. and i had 2 x hour lessons and 2 x2hour lessons and thats all i needed. (i had done a lot of mountain biking) but for learning they explain stuff well and you can ring them up anytime and they'd help you out. hahaha Dan and Peta ([peta - chick] Dan and Peta own it) sit up at night figuring out different ways to explain things to people and figure out different ways to show them.

    they've got a mystery ride in 3 weeks for x students which is like a christmas party. haha if you get your license there you feel like you've got an extra family.

    if you'd like to know anything else about em let me know.