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Newbie from brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by louielouie, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. Hey folks, Thought I'd say hello. Yes I posted in the forsale forum first. Yes I'm a idiot who does stuff first and reads things later

    Annnnyway mooving right along, I got my licences a few months back, had my heart set on getting a hyosung gt250r (based on the pics and my dad's advice) and was supremely dissapointed when i took it for a test ride the other day.

    For the time being I have my dad's FZR250 and I'm looking at getting something simillar for myself as my little brother hasn't stopped asking for it back since I "borrowed" it.
  2. Welcome to NR, mate. Good to see another Brissy member. :beer:
  3. Welcome aboard!

    Might see you at CC
  4. g'day and welcome :)

    Nice to see the brissy group gettin larger ad larger :)

    tell your lil brother to get a new bike :p he he. then you can ride the fzr. Or come and buy a cheap zr250 ;)
  5. *Off-topic*

    Hey, Balmy, did you get the licence / bike sh*t sorted out?
  6. license yes :) found a universal baffle from UK. something like 8 pounds. now just need to ring suzuki for the expensive bit. the rear mud guard.
  7. Welcome aboard.. :grin:
  8. Thanks guys

    Thanks for the welcome guys,
  9. Welcome to another Brissie rider :)
  10. Hey there and welcome to the forums...I also just might know of a fzr 250 for sale pm if your interested :wink:
  11. ooh? do tell. I apparently can't pm yet though, less than 20 posts and all that jazz.