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QLD Newbie from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by rikrok, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    Only just got my licence and have yet to buy a bike. Enjoying tapping into all the knowledge in the forums. Hopefully getting a bike next week. Are there any groups that will let learners tag along in Brisbane?
  2. Welcome.
    Not big on groups here in Brisbane, but I ride a fair bit and you are welcome to tag along, or if you want to go for a ride send me a message and see if I am free. I mentor quite a few female riders around Brisbane.

    ValvolineValvoline tries to do Saturday rides from Nerang so keep your eyes open.

    Oh, and being female, you will have 5 million replies by tomorrow morning :)

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  3. gday rikrokrikrok and welcome to NR - congrats on getting your licence - tell us why you want to ride (we know why we do it but it's always interesting to hear from new riders).

    now get out there and buy something - bike, helmet, gloves, jacket, pants, special bike sunnies - it seems the spending never ends, lol.
  4. Welcome rikrokrikrok. Enjoy! Oh and dont listen to CC, he's just jealous. ;)
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  5. I've always thought it looked fun. I look forward to gaining more experience so that I can relax into it a bit. Always like to set little challenges for myself to keep things interesting and getting my licence was the latest one. Currently looking at the Sol Invictus bikes. I have seen mixed reviews on here. They seemed to get a good write up in the latest Aust Motorcycle News mag.
  6. Welcome. Kickstarted carby bike... interesting first choice.
  7. Welcome to the forum
  8. They have electric start too
  9. I suggest riding as many bikes as you can before deciding, and trying to get someone of experience to guide you to making the right decision FOR YOU. There are some bikes that look great, then some bikes that are great.

    Don't get talked into something you don't want, but most importantly avoid something you don't know you don't want.

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  10. the best review is the 'bum test' sit on and ride a heap of different ones and you may end up getting something totally different.

    the Sol Invictus models look great and seem to be well priced but I gotta say their mufflers makes me want to puke a little.
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  11. Welcome to the nuthouse rikrokrikrok, nice part of the world you live in to ride :)
    As Colonel ColemanColonel Coleman and chilliman64chilliman64 stated, try out as many as you possibly can before making a decision. Youll be surprised what you end up with and you'll change your mind many times along the way. It's all learning experience that's for sure.
    Pick as many people's brains as you can and check out many of the showcase bikes on here for info.

    There's no 'free groups' that I know of that have learner sessions, but there are a few people that you can contact. :) CHeck this thread out Mentors/Tutors to help newer riders

    Also check to see the events page - I do try and hold frequent rides and they're generally open to all :)
    If you also got upgraded to the forum - there's a ladies only section too. Great support and info there (as well as you can vent about the boys there) tee hee hee
    Keep us posted on what you're going to get :)
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  12. Thanks for the tips. Just been wading through all the old threads about tips for new riders etc. Might look at an advanced course to build the confidence. ValvolineValvoline Colonel ColemanColonel Coleman chilliman64chilliman64
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  13. There's a ladies only track day in 2 weeks:whistle:

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  14. wait, what? there's a secret ladies sealed section!!! what is this, Cosmo?
  15. Complete with the scratch it panel with the latest perfume en vogue o_O
    Don't sweat chilliman64chilliman64 the girls have much better things to talk about than boys.... Eg bikes!! And shoes... Musn't forget the shoes.... :cool:;)
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  16. Welcome aboard, and stay safe. Look, learn and listen, and you'll get heaps out of your motorcycling experiences. And there are some great places to go around Brisbane.
  17. Hello rikrokrikrok, and welcome to the party. I ride a pretty mean keyboard these days, so while you're riding the digital lanes, I'm quite happy to keep up.
  18. I'm not picking - I'm not - I'm as new as you - but what they meant by "Kickstarted" bike was Sol Invictus, Braap and companies like that started out getting their funds from Kickstarter - the crowd sourcing website... check it out there lots of odd bits and pieces to find - and welcome to NetRider.
  19. Ha, I did wonder but wasn't sure why a kickstarter company would make a difference to a learner. I do know I def can't kickstart my bike yet though. Need to keep practicing that and just use the electric start in the meantime.