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Newbie from Bendigo

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by smithy65, Jan 11, 2016.

  1. hi all, hope to catch up with any one from around bendigo way in the near future cheers

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  2. Welcome to NR, Smithy.
  3. welcome aboard :)
  4. Hello and welcome to the forums smithy65smithy65. I'm not too far from you (east of the Grampians) and often ride around Pyrenees and Central Goldfields. There are some great roads up that way! How long have you been riding, and what's is your current bike?
  7. many thanks for the welcome, hope to get away this year for a few rides and looking forward to some weekend rides if any one is keen for that, hope to head over to the grampions ride early next month, if any one from bendigo is keen that would be great, still getting my head around the web site, but so far so good, cheers smithy
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  8. hi and thanks, keen rider this end, had the Honda for a couple of years and its been great, not to heavy but has all the power to go all day, hope to get over to the Grampians ride next month if you are going, would like to head over Saturday and stay at Ararat sounds the go, I ride a Honda Deauville 700, great touring bike.
    all going well we can catch up
    cheers smithy.
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  9. many thanks, live in bendigo if you around this way, hope to catch up with as many as possible in the future
    cheers smithy
  10. Thanks smithy65smithy65 I'm down in Melbourne but if I'm ever need to head up your way Ill let you know
  11. Welcome mate, there's a few guys in Seymour - RussellDPRussellDP I think...
  12. hi and thanks, sounds good, i will catch up with them down the track, nice place for a weekend ride over that way, cheers smithy
  13. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  16. howdy and thanks, great web site, heaps of good info, catch up one day, cheers smithy
  17. welcome smithy65smithy65, I am a Shepp Rider, but if you ever get over this way, say G'day
  18. howdy in Shepp and thanks, will keep it in mind,
    cheers smithy