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Newbie from Bankstown

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Teng FZ6R, Sep 6, 2015.

  1. Hey all, newbie here, from Manila, Philippines.
    Been living in Bankstown, NSW for more than 8 years.
    My current ride is a Yamaha FZ6R and I love it.
    Hope to join you guys soon.

  2. welcome aboard :]
  3. Thanks mate
  4. Kabayan!
  5. kamusta po, sa wakas may kabayan na akong nakita, Salamat po
  6. Kamusta (That's about as far as my Tagalog goes nowadays - I've been dreaming in English for the last 25 years.)

    Welcome to Netrider.
  7. welcome po!
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  8. Th
    thanks for the warm wecome

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  9. I've seen you around. I'm near punchbowl, do you have an aftermarket exhaust on ur fz6r?
  10. Hi gguru, yes i do, an arrow exhaust

    Hope to meet you one of these days

    Cheers mate
  11. Welcome and keep an eye out for rides being posted. You're welcome to join in on any being posted.
  12. Welcome to NR...
  13. Tha
    Thanks Senator17, excited to join you guys

    See ya
  14. Thanks for the warm welcome

  15. Welcome aboard!
  16. Thanks Strat
  17. Hi guy, also from Bankstown. Just started riding 1 year ago, my current bike is ZX6R hope to join you guys soon
  18. Welcome aboard MinhMinh
  19. Welcome ti
  20. Howdy & Welcome to NR!