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Newbie from Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by bsa, Jun 20, 2009.

  1. Just wanted to say hi,

    I am a new rider who finally got my L plates the other week. Have a vintage bike and am finally getting the hang of it.
    Really enjoying the NR forum has so much good information for newbies like myself.

  2. welcome bud :)
  3. hey bsa


    Vintage bike - I'm sorry, but that's just teasing. :(

    Year, model, pics (soon)?

    Have a '36 trump to restore - we'll talk :wink:

  4. Hi thanks for the welcome

    Yeah i guess it is teasing a little :)

    i havent got a trump.... i have a 49 BSA A7 star twin

    I will post some more pics of the bike but i need to have 5 Posts before i can do so lol


  5. Hi bsa

    Kinda figured a BSA by the whole nicname thing :LOL:
    Technically a sports bike.
    So, just a youngster (the bike). :wink:

    Plunger frame(?). I'm not looking forward to the rigid. :roll:
    & saddle seat - how do you find that?

  6. haha yeah only a young one

    Yeah it is a plunger frame however not sure how effective they are as still pretty rough.

    The saddle seat is pretty comfortable and i dont mind it at all u get, used to it quickly... the rigid frame with saddle seat might be a different story :LOL:
  7. Pesonal buy or family heirloom?

    I guess you just have to get used to it. How are the roads your way?
    I may need a pillow, don't have much personal padding. :roll:
    Few years off worrying about sore bits. :LOL:
  8. It was a personal buy, so was lucky enough to find a good one.

    haha i have a little bit of padding so guess it finally comes in handy :LOL:

    The roads near where i live are not good at all, i suppose adelaide roads are not that great in general so that makes it more of a challenge.
    How are the roads round where u are from?
  9. Quality. Whell! Hilly & twisty.
    Google Ferntree Gully & Tremont area (sorry can't get link up).

    I'd prefer just to take it to track days. Just starting to learning to ride (VTR), so have a few years till I finish Trump, before track time.

    But plan on building a cafe racer after the Triumph, think I'm more into building side of things. :roll:
  10. Nice, where is live is pretty flat and all the back streets are nice and quiet which is good as i am not very good at riding yet, hope it comes with time

    The Trump sounds like it will be well worth it when its done....
  11. here is a pic of the bike finally :LOL:
    its not the best pic but only one on the computer at the moment

    hopefully it will be changing colour in the near future back to original

  12. Not going to try hills for a bit I think.

    Great bike, mate.
    I'm green with bike envy :)
  13. That looks like a very nice project bike.....what colour was it originally?
  14. Thanks :)

    Its already fully restored and been rebuilt to run straight unleaded.

    The original colour is black fenders and the tank is supposed to be chrome with flat silver inlays with red out line
  15. very nice! welcome
  16. old school lookin good