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Newbie first big moment sliding mid corner. These rears what the?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Budd, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    I went for a late evening ride to cruise enjoy a warmer night and firstly do some emergency braking. So I did some almost at front end limit of grip but no sliding and pulling up ok. Then I did some low speed figure of 8s and other low speed but with decent amount of lean work.

    So then I go out for a bit of a ride through Sydneys Commonara Parkway decent curves but all residential so can't really blast it. One corner dips left then uphill. Now this dam corner looks so tastly but my bikes rear said nah I am not having this and slides a good few inches out and thank god I usually am not too tight on the bike so I somehow let it just "do it" and then putputput away heart going a million miles an hour. I was only going about 40-50 but it would have been nasty, very very close to going down.

    Now I think what the hell I have ridden many corners way harder smooth as silk something must be up, did the rear deflate mid corner, oil there on corner pudddle what? So I stop look at the rear tye, inflated but looks like this.

    So basically the strips are covered in oil.....great glad I found out in a lowish speed corner I suppose. It was night when I got on the bike so I would have noticed this I think in the day.

    My question how did this oil get there and how do I get it off? Any experienced guys know whats likely going on? Could I have picked up the oil from doing figure of eights at angle or could it be from my bike or what. Changed oil other day but I obv didnt get this oil onto the tyres like that.

    Very much a brown pants moment lucky to get out of that without dropping it.

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  2. #2 Budd, Oct 8, 2016
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    Going to have to have a look in daylight and see if it could be dropping oil as I did an oil change the other day. Could that be dropping from 2 spots and coincidentally getting both tyre edges?

    Edit: Yep dripping oil, must have botched the bolts or washers. Looks like coming from both filter nut and sump to an extent... dammit

    Brilliant have I wrecked these tyres? What should I clean it with?
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  3. That was close!
    You haven't over-tightened the bolts have you?

    Dishwashing liquid and a scrubbing pad would be my first choice, the tyres will live another day
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  4. I have had splatter on a tyre edge from a leak but not that wet, dont know if you can get that much off successfully. Going to take some work and a real steady test after would. Thats way more than splatter or a drip. Maybe kero and then CT 18 truck wash and lots of scrubbing
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  5. Degreaser
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  6. .. Then hot soapy water to get rid of the degreaser..
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  7. I had a similar problem from a failed filter gasket. It took a lot of scrubbing and degreaser then hot water and detergent but no long term damage.

    I was fortunate in that the oil was only on the right side of the tyre. The ride home was a bit scary, had to go anti- clockwise at roundabouts.
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  8. ok thanks all for the way to clean tyres. Is kerosene ok on tyres? Any degreaser in particular

    Now for the oil leak perhaps I overtightened the oil filter one? I did not replace sump washer either, couldn't get original one off the bolt. SHould I loosen sump anf filter or should I do a full oil change again and check gaskets? This is silly it's been a while since I have done mechanical stuff shouldn't have done a rushed spur of the moment oil change did more harm than good.
  9. If you couldn't get the washer off the sump plug, it has been over tightened in the past. Those washers are soft and designed to crush slightly when tightened to the correct torque, making a good seal. If it has deformed so much that it won't come off the bolt, chances are it won't make a good seal either. Washers and sump plugs are cheap. Oil, tyres, life, not so much.
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  10. Petrol is probably cheaper and easier than kerosene. It cleans rubber without harm and evaporates cleanly and quickly.
  11. Leave the oil on. Donut left for 2 mins, donut right for 2 mins. Sorted. No more oil....

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  12. Use this method, with the petrol, fire doughnuts/burnout!
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  13. If I was good enough or had enough power that would probably do the job haha.

    Re the leak I redid the oil change properly with and bought a new sump bolt and washer the old one was shot, washer wouldnt come off. Then found I hadn't removed the original oil rubber ring on filter so there was 2...Duh...So leak reason all fixed and explained. Proper washers, proper bolts filter etc now gah shouldn't be that hard but now I know it.

    So now the tyres I did this. Touch of kero and dishwashing liquid in a bucket and scrubbed...



    So that is what I did and I am going to ride it now and try it. This sucks not having the confidence on lean and I don't really want to find out the hard way that the oil is still there...

    I am also wondering about the chain some oil must have got all over that. Engine oil on chain problem or not so much? I will relube it a bit to be sure I guess.
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  14. Engine oil on the chain is no problem..
  15. ^Its how I get ride of all my old engine oil, straight into the scott oiller and onto the chain.
    Your biggest issue with chainlube is people spraying it on an angle onto the tyre.
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  16. Bit late now but be aware that KERO is a light oil and leaves a slight coating, not as much of a problem as 10-40 but only use it for cleaning rims.
    I'm hesitant recommending degreaser be sprayed on the rubber, I've seen some brakecleaners and heavy duty degreasers attack the rubber.
  17. thanks again guys, re the kero I had a bucket of water poured maybe half a cup in and then the washing liquid. Hopefully didn't overdo the kero and hosed off after ofcourse.

    Still feels a little nervous on left side twitched a touch under engine braking going a bit left. Bah annoying. I guess ride more smoothly and conservatively than I would like :banghead:
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  18. I said Kero,its the politically correct solvent. Much less fire risk than what I would have used myself, petrol out of the mower Jerry can. Thats what I have used a couple of times on a ride if the oil level gets above the middle of the level bubble, it gets splattered over the rear Tyre. Its a bear sheen in my case,not completely soaked like in your case.
  19. Sounds like you've cleaned it up OK, just ride carefully for a few kilometres and warm the tyres up and ease into using full lean as if you had new tyres.
  20. Bikes can sense your nerves, if your getting twitching around corners make sure its not you holding on to tight!
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