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Newbie... even @ my age

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by shaven, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. hey all,
    just thought i'd say a quick hello. have been into dirt & road bikes all my life. looking @ buying a new road bike very soon. my partner (tanya) just got her L's today... yipppeeeee :wink:
    so i'm guessing we will be on the look out for one for her as well. out in the ballarat region.
    will post more down the track. cheers till then.

  2. Hey Matty and Tanya :grin:

    BIG welcome to NR :grin: and good on you Tan! :applause:

    Always plenty going on around "here", enjoy! :woot:
  3. Hi Matty, I am a newbie here too (and a newbie rider), and older than you are lol! Wecome :)
  4. Hey Matty

    Big welcome to NB and good work on joining the club and your never to old to ride a bike :p
  5. Yay, another local.
    Welcome to NR. :grin:
  6. hey karen... you & tanya will get on with your ages :p
    thankx all for the warm welcome.
  7. hi and welcome went past at 3.30 am this morning
  8. Welcome to NR Tanya, Matty and Karen, this place is full of crazies, so beware.